Saturday, February 28, 2004

Schedule for Yesterday

Just going to post a record of what I did Friday, so i dun forget haha. I had a really eventful day, but can't really go into all the details about it otherwise this would end up being a super super long post.

-tanked calculus to study for pmath 330 midterm, and I actually did use that time to study, btw

-went to pmath midterm feeling nervous and expecting to do really badly, but it was like super easy (well, it would've been had we been a bit better prepared) but anyways, I think I got at least better than my calc midterm =p

-still on a rush of adrenaline after the exam, went to grab newest mathNews with the Waterloo Bros, and then tried to decide where to go eat

-remembered that Ambrose was coming over for lunch, so went back home and had fun with SSBM.

-Ambrose arrives, eat lunch at Phat Cat

-go down to basement to Melee some more, feel like I'm getting better than I used to be, but I still suck...oh well

-at 3:30, went to SLC to roleplay as Dr. Newheart, d20 game this time was mostly all roleplaying and racing and no fighting, but was still really fun

-whole d20 group plus Ambrose minus Andy dinner at Taj Palace, in the end, only me, brose, and baomon deicde to go to Lifesong, we end up making it just before the show starts

-Lifesong was alright...the play was cool, had more actual evangelistic stuff going on than last year though. meh, and the speaker there was Tony Costa =)...I kinda forgot who he was, but I know he spoke at WAY a few times back when I was there, and he was a good speaker. So seeing him there was kinda "from where?!"

-after Lifesong, most of my CCF friends go out to eat and play hockey and etc, Ambrose goes with them, Bao leaves, I stay back to try and talk to ppl, but not really successful, so I go home

-get home and practiced 2 hours of Texas hold'em poker with Bao and Duy, in preparation for the VSA poker tournament today at night...hope it goes well...

-tried to talk to other ppl, but no one was online except for like one person, but that was still cool

-Ambrose comes back at like midnight from eating with ppl, didn't want to go play hockey. we play a bit of original smash, I leave the basement early 'cause I'm not as good in that game and etc.

:: accountability check = passed! yay ::

so thus were the events of my day. At first, I didn't think it was as 'boring' as my auntie's day...haha, but now that I think about it, the way I described it probably made it seem that way. The rest of the week still promises to be very eventful, however, I just hope I dun get too tired for the Darksteel event tom. Anyways, gtg to Mel's soon, and then later get a ride to poker from Mel...haha...

Friday, February 27, 2004

Argh....PMATH 330 midterm tomolo morning at screwed...*sigh*

Dang old profs, can't write proper notes and says that the website is updated when it isn't. And doesn't even give the right assignment solutions...blah

Thursday, February 26, 2004

A day of learning, though not in school.

Wow, I never knew how much info on limited and even sealed Magic you can find on Wizard's website alone. But I did know how easily I can become distracted while reading stuff like that, it was like I was studying for the Darksteel event more than my midterm on fri for a while tonight. =/ Oh wells...guess I'll just have to make up for it tomolo...good luck to everyone else who has midterms left! (Like you, Vanessa..heh, and your 'counterpart' over at my church). Also had a good talk today, in which I found out that I'd been a bit too overzealous in trying to talk to ppl over the's alright, I needed to cut down anyways. And also, we forgive and forget, right? 'cause He forgave us.

Lastly, even though I'm really bad at giving encouragement to ppl, and wish I could be better at helping my friends, I'm going to post this quote up that I found kinda interesting. Read into what you want...though I think its meaning should be pretty self-explanatory:

"Spring follows winter. -Elvish expression meaning 'all things pass'"
~flavour text from Weatherlight's and Sixth Edition's Nature's Resurgence

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Woodlands is now your friend!

Midterm on Friday, and a lot of weekend activities planned, so I guess I'll only do a short update of some "interesting" stuff that happened to me recently. (Well, as interesting as things over here can get, anyways =p)

Recently, I got another friend request form someone on Friendster, I thought that was kinda weird, I figured that it had basically died out among ppl that I knew. It's pretty much like AsianAvenue, except this time non-Asians won't feel so weird joining, and you can't customize your page as much. I joined it a few months ago, added a bunch of friends to my list, and then kinda forgot about it. It's got some humourous stuff you can do, like suggest a match for your friend and someone else...and how you can write "testimonials" about your friends, and that you can only add ppl if you're "sure that you're really friends with so-and-so." I also found it funny how ppl set up accounts for stuff like schools and even cities -> I was checking out some persons page a while ago, and he was friends with Mississauga lol. And I finally found the Woodlands page a while ago, and I added it, so thus Friendster sent me a silly email with the title that you see above. All in all, it's not really that useful of a one of my friends put it, "You can make friends....or you can make FRIENDS!! =)"

Got 2nd stats lab back today...could've gotten perfect, but then we forgot to talk about bi-as for three sampling ended up with a 70%. Oh well...and I found out that my Arthurian Legend midterm has been pushed back one yay! more time to study after this totally jam packed weekend.

Got my calculus 3 midterm back on Monday. Good news = I passed. Bad news = I passed with a 50 =\ Jason got a 70...he beasted both me and Duy. A funny thing was that this time, the marking TA took the time to respond to stupid EVERY comment I made on the front of the exam. Okay, starting from like elementary school, I've always liked writing responses/comments to things on tests and quizzes if I'm finished them ahead of time. And these are things that usually shouldn't be responded to, like the date of the test, of a misspelled word on the cover page. Or adding weird in stupid and ridiculous answers to some questions in a mutiple choice test. (What is the largest planet in the solar system? a) Jupiter b) Mars c) Mercury d) Pluto e) The Death Star ) So this time, on the cover page of the calc exam, I wrote a ton of stuff - there were instructions like "No Aids Allowed." and so I put beside it "not even water?" and then the TA wrote in red pen "air?" haha

Played more Smash again today, this time it was only Melee...some funny stuff happened, like Bao rebounding off a chimmney in Onett whiel in roll our and dying, or ppl getting KO'd by bombs from where!? I was stupid and kept getting my attacks Roy countered near the start.

whoa...I actually rambled on for a quite a bit...wonder if ppl would actually understand any of it lol. Anyways...back to studying.....=\

Monday, February 23, 2004

so...Jason is over...has been over since like 1 o'clock. Been playing massive smash...original and also trying out d2x leveling up mode in stamina. He's busy studying for his CS 134 midterm at the moment, and I'm trying to help him, although I should be studying for my own midterm haha. Oh wells...going out to eat again tonight. It was funny, I went to Sphigel's Classical Algebra class with him today and evaluated the colours for Mirrodin and Darksteel for the upcoming sealed deck event the whole time..hehe.
I guess I'd better get back to work now. Cya. =)

Played WAY too much smash today haha

Sunday, February 22, 2004

By the order of Supreme Commander Wen Zhang....

Hmmm...I've got about 4 hours to kill until I'm supposed to go back to Waterloo. We planned to meet Duy at 8, which means we'll probably be leaving at around 8:30 at the earliest. I was going to take a nap, but since Wen suggested it, I figured I might as well blog some stuff and at least make some productive use of my time.

So church today was kinda weird; with like all of WAY and half of JOY gone on their respective winter retreats, and a bunch of doing Junior Worship, the kid's section was EMPTY when I walked in. There was like an average of one person per row. (each row is like 8 seats wide....and we have like 9-10 rows...?) It felt weird to be sitting there, considering how packed it usually is, and the speaker wasn't that interesting either.... I think around the time when he started speaking, two of the Junior Worship ppl came in and sat down in our section, and then a bit more ppl had come in by then...but it still mostly vacant. Also made an interesting discovery that two of my friends use the exam same kind and colour of notebook, and it'd be really really odd if they got switched one day and ended up reading each other's....Oh week it'll be back to normal.

Unfortunately, Bao's Scrapped Princess cd's that he lent me wouldn't play properly on my old 233 MHz garbage comp - the sound works, but the images go at like 0.0001 frames a second. So yeah...I guess I'll have to watch it when I get home. From the one episode I saw last term and the anime event, it seems like a pretty good series though. (The main character has an interesting name, Pacifica) Although I've heard from Wen and Jason that's it's only ok...I still wanna watch it for myself and see.

On the Tuesday of reading week, Jia, Ambrose, and David Nijjar came over, and Jia and David slept over. That day, me and Duy and Jason had our calc 3 exam, which we had to study for, and it didn't go that well =(. But we still had a fun day, going to Mongolian Grill and eating tons of noodles and meat in the buffet, showing David around Waterloo (while he marveled at the campus, and kept calling UTM crap...haha) and then just hanging out and playing a bit of Smash afterwards and in between. From midnight until like 4 am, me and David stayed up talking about serious stuff, and I ended up speding about 3.5 hours telling him a long story about me and miscommunication hehe...that went well. Though what happened afterwards didn't go so well...*sigh* hopefully one day, this will all get resolved. But for now, let's not talk about it.

Thursday, I stayed up until 4 am helping to fix my sister's blog...hehe, it wasn't really a big deal, just took a long time to actually figure out what was going on, and then had to redo and copy a lot of code. But all in all, it was a good learning experience =). That day, however, combined with staying up just as late on Tues, made me super sleepy on Friday. It wouldn't have been a problem since there wasn't any fellowship due to the double retreats, but I had wanted to do something with the ppl who were left behind, but A) I didn't know who was left and B) the ppl who were left that I could contact, had already made other plans. Same thing happened on Saturday, when my friends were either gaming at the Waterloo Bro's or eating dinner with old high school friends, while I was stuck at home alone...haha. And then it turns out that Betty had wanted to have a Book Study Club meeting that night too, even though Andrew wasn't here. Should've checked my email sooner haha.

Thus ends my pretty eventful reading week - I mean, days. A lot of times I was really tired that it felt like a dream haha. Whoa...I think this is the longest entry I've written so far, and I still have to write about the highlights of our d20 games...hopefully Bao and Duy can remember some funny stuff. *Duy signs in* hmmm what a coincidence....oh wells, I guess I should stop talking now. Thanks for reading. And you are a ha gau, sit down.
Dang, reading week is over already?? *sigh* Oh well, at least I can look forward to the VSA Poker Night (where a PS2 is winnable) and the UW Sci Fi club's Darksteel Sealed Event. Those should be fun...and right after my PMATH exam too...but then there's Arthurian Legend...ack, haven't even started on that Magic exapansion project for that course yet....

Crappy old 233 MHz slow...thus haven't been updating much recently. I know I said I'd do a real update today though....=\ Dun worry though, will start to update again once I get back to 'loo...