Friday, December 09, 2005

Oh no sir

Had my first exam yesterday morning, BIOL 130. I think I got about 90/110, giving me a final mark of about 76% in the course. I could've easily done better though, had I finished more assignments or started studying earlier, but oh least I used some of that time well by reading my stat 330 notes for my next exam. I should get to studying that soon...

Dang, apparently, my chatterbox got deleted on Dec. 3rd. Though no really used it for a long time, there were probably posted that people made a long time ago, that I would've wanted to keep for old time's sake. Mostly made by people who I don't really see that often anymore, heh. I'd kept it alive many times by just posting random junk on it when it was threatened with deletion due to unuse...but this time I think I saw the email but then got distracted and forgot about was also more annoying to update it since I started using Firefox.

So now a little nugget of Magic Ravnica info I never really noticed before. Have you ever wondered why this spell

is called Lightning HELIX? and not something like "Lightning Blast" (okay, that's been done before) or "Lightning Swirl" (that sounds dumb) or maybe "Lightning Spiral"?(that's a bit better sounding) Well, if you think about it, what old school cards is this card a combination of? Namely, Lightning Bolt and Healing Salve. Get it now? It's another play on words - Lightning HEAL-ix. :P It's interesting and cool how I never noticed that one before, considering how much I like puns. Also, it helps to explain how this spell can work flavourwise in Red/White when most people would've expected this card to be black; it's not actually draining life from anything, the surge of DNA-shaped lightning is reinvigorating you and at the same time burning your opponent. The Boros seem to know how to split the spell so that they only get the HP goodness part and their enemies get the fried-to-a-crisp part, heh.

Friday, November 11, 2005

A bit late...

Well, this week it was Dimir Week on And coincidentally, it just so happened that on Monday, I was "touched by a Moroii." If you don't get the reference, look below. Anyways, I had a pretty cool day on Monday, got to have a spontaneous dinner at East Side's with Duy, Brose, Wen, Jon Ting, and Betty. Then Wen, Brose, and Betty came over to play something we haven't played in a while, Mario Tennis. Or rather I should say, we played while Betty watched; it was Wen's first time playing, but even then, we all had forgotten how to play enough that the teams were fairly evenly matched no matter how we divided them. Then I had to go to prestudy, (which I only found out about the day before) and there we sat in a hot room, debating about semantics and free will vs. predestination. Wheee!

I had a weird week afterwards though, beasting through my stats assignment in a day in a morning (woke up at 5am the day it was due to finish it) and then procrastinating a lot of non-school stuff that I should've done. I guess I didn't have much energy left after that assignment. Somehow, my stat 330 quiz got sent to the wrong tutorial, so it didn't matter that I woke up late after my nap and didn't get there on time anyways. Then Thursday night, I went to Burger King with Duy and Wen, to use some of the cupons we got through the mail. (Finally we get some useful cupons, heh.) Then we went back to Wen's place to see Shadow of the Colossus. It is a very very unique game, not for everyone, but I can imagine myself enjoying, and I can definitely imagine David enjoying it.

Anyways, me and Annie aren't really that prepared for tonight's Bstudy...going to have to play it by ear and see how our group responds - if we'll have enough time for discussion on application methods or not. We only have one hour for the whole thing apparently, which really isn't that long. But oh well, I hope I don't really mess up.

oh...and since I have a "Birthday" Ravnica draft coming up, perhaps I should post some Ravnica info up that people can be better prepared for it, and it'll be more exciting and fun, hehe.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Good times today...getting to rediscover Sunshine Express with Alex, and then hanging out with Ambrose and Wen afterwards, and discussing Magic stuff. Espeically being able to go through the most recent [i]The Play's the Thing[/i] article (on on Wednesdays) with Wen, and then have be interested enough to want to do another one. I'm kinda surprised that he actually liked them, heh. I'm looking forward to being able to discuss these kinds of things with more people.

Anyways, at first I was planning to continue my trend of using Ravnica rares for Cards of the Day, in order to send the message home to you guys that I really like Ravnica, and that I think it's a very good set - possibly the best set of all time even. But i think if you've talked to me at all recently, you'll have already gotten the message, haha. So today, I take a break from Ravnica to bring you another card with yet another double meaning embedded within. (sort of) What do you think?

(If the pic doesn't work, the card can be found at

Now, must sleep so that I'll be ready for quiz tomorrow, and be able to study later for midterms...........

Sunday, October 16, 2005

A whoops on a cold morning

CFC this morning was great. I really was kinda amazed...haha.

I forgot to add one more thing to my post yesterday. For those of you who like looking at pretty pictures and think that text spoilers are plain, or are just too lazy to click on the image links, may I present this for your viewing pleasure:

It's a full colour image spoiler of Ravnica! So yeah...why bother getting the fat pack when you can view this online for free! (haha...j/k, fat packs are usually a really good has a lot more stuff than just the spoiler)

Anyways, time to do some beast studying...I'll update again sometime that's not soon.

Oh, right I was going try and make this Card of the Day thing and keep it up for a while. Well, okay, sure. For those of you that didn't notice, the flavour text on yesterday's card, Razia's Purification, has a double meaning. One to do with the flavour of the card, how it draws to mind images of Razia leading her Boros Legion and annhiliating all that stand in their way, and only sparing the 'chosen' people who are the followers and friends of the Boros. The other meaning has to do with the mechanic, 'cause only the chosen permanents will be spared. :P

With that being said, can you spot the double meaning in this specialized sorcery?

Saturday, October 15, 2005

I should've been studying today...

but somehow, I got distracted...and then I was tired due to not getting much sleep lately, and so I ended up wasting 3 hours today. :P Well, I better start reading Bio and studying for Stat 331 (or else I'll fail even more horribly) but I just wanted to post this little nugget I discovered recently. Perhaps I'll make this a recurring feature...kinda like "Card of the Day" on the official Magic site.

Anyways, take a look at this card:

It's funny; can you see why?
Little details like this, which shows that they're paying attention to how the set is presented, is what makes Ravnica stand out in my opinion.
(btw, sry if you already saw this where I posted it elsewhere and are disappointed that I didn't post anything "new")

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Cool Magic related course info

Earlier today, I was reading stuff for my BIOL tutorial next week, about the origins and definitions of cell biology words. Part of the work we had to do for the next tutorial was use a list of Latin and Greek word stems, and figure out the definitions of ten complicated multi-syllable words that were related to the course. While reading through the list of definitions, I cam across this one:

Phy - to grow

which is appropriate, because it reminded me of this little guy from Ravnica:

For a cool story about Phytohydra, see Bao's blog, specifically the post entitled "Ravnica". It's funny how I usually manage to see so much Magic related stuff in my day to day activities some days. Most of the time, it's nothing much to write about, like some prof mentioning the name of a card that's also a common English word. But other times, interesting things pop up like this, or one lecture where I remember the prof used like 3 Magic card names in less than a minute or so. :P

Monday, September 26, 2005

Kratos is awesome - part 2

Okay, this post is just to hold the comments for the longer post below. Read ahead! ENjoy!

Kratos is awesome

It's Bao again! Yes, I graduated, but now I'm visiting Waterloo, and one of the things I'd say I'd do for sure was to update Alan's blog! So Alan is at school now, until 10:20, so I think I'll take the next hour to update the blog.

So what am I doing here, on Alan's blog? I don't know if you want me to write about what Alan did over the summer. Sure, I can give my interpretation about what he did during the summer... I can take clues from our msn conversations and say "he was volunteering" or "he went camping a few times", but that's not really it.

I can also punish alan for not writing for so long by writing bad stuff in this blog, but that's not really fair to you readers, is it? So that's not really it.

I think, mostly, I will just write different stuff, so that you don't have to look at whatever we were looking at before for the past 205 days. So first, I'll change tht title of this post to "Kratos is awesome". Now there's something we can stand to read everytime we visit this blog. Even if it's not updated, we'll still be kinda happy because we are reminded that Kratos is awesome.

Secondly, I'll do to Alan's blog what I did to both my other blogs. Hey Alan, are you reading this? If so, this change should make it easier (at least for me), for you to start blogging again. Look up. See the description of your blog? See the last period in the elipses? You can click on that now, and then you can easily create a new blog post. If you have cookies on this computer and stuff, you can have it so you don't need to put in your password again, and then you just start writing.

It's so useful. I have it on both my blogs too. I no longer have to open a new browser window to go to and sign in and stuff. It's just one-click and you can write your post, or copy and paste it from MS-Word or however you do it.

Now that I'm done talking about the changes, it's time to go on to the blog post. So I said this post should be more interesting to read than the other one, but so far just the title is more interesting. So what gives? Well... I dunno. If you want Alan to write stuff, then... well, first I made it easier for him to write stuff, at least, it's that way for me. (as a bonus, look to see if you can find the secret links in both my blogs).

Maybe Alan also needs to be... different about his posts? See, that's why I have 2 blogs! Each blog has a different type of expectation for its readers, or something like that. I think Alan should just write something every day, maybe make it a routine thing, would be best. Either that, or something every week, make it a routine thing. Or we'll see. I think blogging is fun, lots of people think so too, so I think Alan should think so too. Let's give reasons why!

Umm... discussion is cool :) There. That's a sole reason for writing blog posts. They can be boring posts about what you did (unless you did something awesome), or you can write something you found out in Magic (that 3d magic thing was pretty nifty), or you can just put up a funny joke you found somewhere. Or you can do what Jia did and copy and paste a few parts of my message boards on, although I don't recommend that. It's such a cop-out thing.

OOOh! You can copy and paste msn conversations which were pretty funny or stupid. Those are always fun to read, aren't they? Anyway, so the point of the story is, people want you to blog more, and it doesn't really matter all too much what it is. It's like that garfield cartoon where the guy says that something is on sale, even though it isn't; and people will flock to it, even if it's twice the price as usual, but they will because "it's on sale". So, what I'm saying is, just put stuff "on sale", and people will "read" it even if it's "bad". Hehe.

This is a long post (since I still have 40 minutes to write stuff, and hey, if I only get to blog here once every 100-200 days, then I should make the most of it, right? you've been looking at the bunch of paragraphs below for the past 200 days, so now you get to look at THIS bunch of paragraphs for hopefully, less than 20 days, but possibly, up to 200 days). So this is a long post, so after all this I'll make another post up there so you don't have to scroll down all the way to read the comments.

I sure hope Alan blogs more. If this is his homepage, then blogging should be easy cuz you just click on the period there. Anyway, I still have some time, so I'll write... more!

Alan stopped playing WOW now, so he can be online more I think. I think Alan's sorta busy with school work nowadays, making sure his plan is in order so that he doesn't have to do too many extra terms, or that he won't get screwed over when he figures out those credits he did in Engineering don't count or whatever.

Alan did a lot of volunteering this summer, instead of a paying job, which is okay, always more stuff to add to your resume, right? He also went camping a few times, and he did stuff with his volunteer group at the end of his contract, like parties and bands and stuff. We played some more magic this summer, including an interesting "made-up set", that was fun. If it's interesting and short, Alan might blog about it later, or you can read it a few weeks ago on my blogs.

Let's see... Alan's friends... I'm doing okay - I'm out of school, but now I find myself too free. I don't have a job so I just sit and play games all day, or I work on my creative stuff. The other day I made this sweet flash movie, I won't solicitate it here, but wait for it on my blog in the next few weeks. So while I was in school I was wishing I was out of school, and now that I'm out of school... well, it's nice, but if I had to do something, I guess school wouldn't be that bad. Just not math.

Duy - he still plays WOW, and I think he still plays FFXI, so if you want to chat with him, MSN and AIM are hardly reliable, so I suggest you buy other instant messengers such as WOW and FFXI.

I'm not sure how Alex is doing, and I haven't talked to Diana or Vicki for a while. Jason's doing great in Japan, as you can tell from his blog. And then there's David, whom we all know about now from reading his blog, so I won't get into that much detail for now. Good luck David, keep us posted.

Loren is our new roommate, and when I say our, I mean Alan and Duy. I'm not here anymore. Technically if I was still here, Loren and I would be sleeping in the same bed ;) but alas, that's not the case. From what I gather, Loren and Duy-and-Alan don't interact much. Oh well. I said hi to her yesterday, she's a nice girl. And I know one of her friends, he came over yesterday and I hear he comes over all the time, so that's kinda cool.

It's 10:05 now, so I have about 20 minutes left. In the world of anime, Alan's seem FF7 Advent Children, which is pretty wicked. I brought over FMA and Gankutsuou, so maybe this week he can catch up on some of FMA, while I rewatch some of Gankutsuou, which I do all the time at home anyway. The art style (when not in motion) is soo beautiful, so pretty and textured. When in motion, it's... interesting, to say the least, as a lot of you already know.

in the world of videogames, I betcha Duy and Alan haven't been playing Paper Mario. Actually, they're playing a lot of X-Men Legends now, which Ambrose bought from Toys-R-Us for $15, which is a sweet deal. Anyway, there's a Paper Mario speedrun up on SDA now, so that's kinda cool. But yeah, Duy and Alan should play through Paper Mario - it's a really neat gem and it's a lot of fun (fun play, funny scenes, etc).

I got Graffiti Kingdom for PS2 and Burnout Revenge for Xbox. They both sure are fun. Graffiti Kingdom is a one-of-a-kind game, but I doubt you want to read about it here.

... darn, I didn't copy and paste the whole file into notepad, so I'm missing the last two paragraphs below. Alan signed me into blogger before he left for class, but I guess the cookie or whatever expired, cuz now I went to post and I'm back at the sign-in screen. So I'll wait for him to get back, so I can copy and paste this part back in and post it! And then I have to post that other piece too.

So as I was saying... I don't remember. I think I was just wrapping it up. I'm in 'Loo this week, I hope I get to watch CSI at Wen's house today (I looove CSI, didcha know that?) and... hopefully Alan will post a new post within a few days of reading this. Anyway, I need to check my e-mail before he gets back, so I better finish this off.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully we'll get some new content in a few days, otherwise, I'll be back in about 2-6 months. See ya!

... okay, it's 10:45, Alan's not back yet. So I can still write more stuff in this notepad, but I really don't know if I want to or need to.
oh, it's 10:49. He's back. yay, now I can finally post. Thanks for reading!

REMINDER TEXT: Do not post comments below, post them in the next entry.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Bao is blogging for Alan again

Hey all, how is everyone doing? Bao here (Alan’s roommate). If you haven't noticed already, I wrote 2 of the 3 most recent blog entries, and now here's another blog entry. Alan's on the way to class now, which I'm supposed to be in, but due to some confusion and hints that Jason gave me (by kidding about not going to class), I suddenly had the urge to not go to class, so that's why I'm here. Like, I woke up, to go to class, but then Jason came in and kidded about not going, and then I just decided not to go.

So… I’m here, all alone, for the next hour or so. I should probably go see the math undergrad office, to make sure I’m graduating this term… I probably should’ve done that early in January, but I kept putting it off. And today, is no different.

So… I’m here, as Bao, writing on Alan’s blog… not sure if I should write about me, or write about Alan, or whatever else. Anyway, Alan’s okay. He’s in good condition, he’s fine, nothing’s wrong with him, although he slipped on the ice a few weeks ago. Didn’t break anything or anything like that. I haven’t slipped on the ice yet, I’m glad.

Alan got a new laptop, a couple weeks ago, maybe a month, it’s been a while. It’s a dell, not an MDG, so it’s gotta be better than the MDG, and it is. The videocard and all that is snazzy enough to handle World of Warcraft, which is what he still is doing, for many hours during the day. Might not be the average of 8 hours a day anymore, but it’s still at least 5 or 6, on average, per day. It’s like, it’s been out for 30+31+31+10, so 100 days, and he’s played at least… 27 days? Maybe 30, so it’s close.

So that’s what Duy, Jason, and Alan have been doing. Me? No, not me. I’m not a fan of MMORPGs… the going around, collecting stuff, clicking on enemies… not my thing. So I decided against buying it, or playing it… although I did play the beta. I wasn’t a fan of MMORPGs prior to WoW, and Raymond kept bugging me to join him in MMORPGs, so if I was going to try any, it would make sense to try the best of the best. So I did download the beta, and got Duy and Jason hooked onto it. Damn.

I wasn’t sure if Alan got hooked onto it, since he only tried it out for a few hours at the end of the open beta. I thought it was more of a peer pressure thing that he got involved into world of warcraft, but now he seems to be enjoying it a lot, and playing with the others a lot… A LOT… so I guess he actually does like it.

So no, I’m not playing world of warcraft. I’m spending the rest of the time talking on msn, watching stuff, etc… which is sometimes conflicting with WoW, when I try to download anime, bit torrent eats the bandwidth so the others complain. So sometimes I leave my computer on at night, downloading from 1:00 am until noon, but sometimes that doesn’t even work because the others will still be playing until 4:00 am. It’s happened a lot of times where I’ve seen Alan still awake at 4:00 am, playing WoW… or at 1:30, when we have an 8:30 class.

So the others are playing world of warcraft, 7/7, paying a monthly fee of about $15 Canadian, I think. We considered getting xbox live, but we haven’t gotten around to it yet, and I’m not sure if we’ll play a lot of online games. Anyway, while they’re paying $15 per month, I’ve found me a much more expensive hobby.

I play poker. I play poker in real life, I play poker online. Well, offline, I vary, sometimes I’m up $10-40, sometimes I’m down $10-40, or more. I have good days and bad days, but altogether I’m definitely getting better. Online, it also varies… a few weeks ago I easily made $100, then the next week it was so confusing because I kept losing money, so I lost $60 pretty easily. So I’m going back to the easy, low-cash games and steadily rising again.

So what else is new… my marks are okay, Alan’s marks I think are okay too. Recently, there was a super smash brothers melee tournament, which a bunch of us participated in. Duy got first, I did okay, Alan did okay… argh, I keep wanting to talk in Alan’s point of view, like I did several blog posts ago. Anyway… that was fun. I should say, read Duy’s blog, or my blog, or Jason’s blog, or Ambrose’s blog, for more details… well, Jason’s blog doesn’t have that many details.

Well, we did have a Betrayers of Kamigawa (Magic) draft a few weeks ago, and that was also fun. So… that’s what we’ve been doing. Magic, SSBM, WoW for most of the house, Poker for me. I’m almost graduating, but I don’t really have good plans for the future yet, better work on those. I’m only taking 3 courses right now, since I only need 2 to graduate, so I have lots of free time… instead of sleeping or playing some poker, maybe I should make stuff… like, movies and videos… or pictures, or whatever. Or practice programming or animation or anything like that…

Food… we still don’t cook! Man, we should really cook. We hear about how Ambrose cooks, and Andy cooks, and Lachlan cooks, and how they don’t like to spend money eating out, or they just don’t like eating out in general… hmmm… now that I think about it, I should put this blog update in my post. But it’s okay, share the wealth, right? Force you guys to read this absurdly long post, hahahaha… Maybe I’ll post a shortened version on my livejournal though, since I haven’t blogged in that for a while either. Anyway, so yeah, all these people are cooking, saving money, eating food that’s actually healthy, tastes better, and … not too hard to make? And cooking is a good universal skill… even though pastas are easy to make, it’ll still be a good start, to make pastas and meats again, instead of eating out, or cooking microwave dinners.

Continuing about food… we love chicken wings, or at least, I do. We could go crazy and have chicken wings 4 days a week… Morty’s, Molly Bloom’s, the place at WCRI, and then Morty’s on Thursday again… but we’re not that crazy. Although we’ve been to Morty’s twice during the past 2 weeks (on the Monday) and Molly Bloom’s on one of the Tuesdays… hehe. Chicken wings are soo good! First, it’s chicken, which is great, and then there’s sauce and batter. They’re easy to pick up, easy to eat and finish. You feel so accomplished when you eat all the meat around a bone, or clearing a chicken wing till there’s absolutely no meat yet.

So they taste good, they’re relatively cheap, and the atmosphere is pretty good. At Morty’s it might be loud, but at the table when we’re sharing chicken wings (not so much at Morty’s but more at Molly Bloom’s), it’s like a nice family dinner. We don’t have many “family” dinners, since most places it’s pretty expensive to have a family dinner, where we eat together and share stuff. I’m not talking like, Mikey’s, sitting at a table and eating, but a more together dinner… like at Chinese restaurants where we order meals for 4, or yes, Wings.

So wings are great, and we eat a lot of wings. Maybe I’m craving some now… anyway, it’s 2:46, so I can still write more, for another 40 minutes. Technically, I still write when Alan is back, but I rather post by then… I don’t really like it when people see me during the process of doing something, and I like it when he comes back, he checks his blog, and he’s like, “ummm damn, that is beastage.” Because it’s so long. However, typing on this notebook keyboard isn’t to the best of my liking.

Since September, Bao (ARGH!) I mean… me… I… I had TV installed because I wanted to watch TV. Mainly, SpikeTV just started its 7pm, 8pm, weekday CSI Las Vegas thing, where they show backtoback episodes of CSI every day. Plus a new episode of CSI Miami on Monday, CSI New York on Wednesday (which I STILL HAVE NOT SEEN) and CSI Las Vegas on Thursday, I have plenty of CSI. And since then I started watching Conan and Leno, and that’s been pretty good. I got a TV Tuner, so instead of wasting my time downstairs watching TV, I can watch TV and talk on msn or do homework at the same time. So it’s nice.

But since then, Alan and Jason and Duy don’t watch TV a lot, so basically I’m spending a lot of money just for me to watch TV. I thought Alan would enjoy watching CSI with me every day, but he hasn’t done it, so I dunno. He’s watched a few times, but not enough to make TV a worthwhile investment. Anyway, Alan approached me the other day and he said we would cancel tv, and I agreed, since it was costing way too much relative to how I was using it.

Anyway, just a couple days ago, Jason watched his first episode of CSI (any of them, in this case, Monday night Miami), and now he’s hooked. That same day I already had borrowed some DVDs from home, and we watched another 2 episodes. For the past 2 days, we’ve seen 1 or 2 episodes of CSI on those days too. So now he’s hooked, yay! So we’ll be watching a lot more CSI together. It gets Alan away from the auction house too (in WoW).

So let’s see… we covered videogames, and food, and tv, and school… as for movies, can’t say we’ve done a lot lately. Lately, the “in” thing at home is obtaining movies from other people who can get them, so while I’ve seen The Incredibles in theatres, we were able to obtain it on DVD shortly after it came out. So I’ve shown it to Alan and… Lachlan, and they enjoyed it. Jason wasn’t here at the time, so it was too bad. He should see it one day.

On the same note, I recently watched Ong-Bak, on DVD. I’m not sure if it was the same as in the theatres, with the subtitles and non-English language, but… I didn’t like it too much. This post is already pretty long, so I won’t post a review of it yet, but I didn’t like it so much. It felt a bit… contrived, that’s the word that Wen might use to describe something, hehe. Like, the big thing was that all the stunts are real, with no wires or stunt doubles… it looked like the movie was based on individual scenes, where the dude would purposely show off and show everyone “I can do this stunt without wires”.

For example, at one point he’s running through an alley way, being chased, and all along the way there will be people holding boxes or something, and there will be these obscure obstacles, like a small loop he has to “jump through without wires”, and these two vertical panes of glass with a thin vertical gap in the middle which he has to “flip through without wires”, and this frying pan and table which he has to “jump and roll over without wires”… it’s so… weird.

And every now and then he would jump and hit or kick his opponent, and then they’ll do it again in slow motion in the same angle, to emphasize that he did it “without wires”. So I felt the story wasn’t so good, the acting wasn’t great, the cast wasn’t too memorable (it wasn’t hoorrrrrible), and…. Yeah, everything felt like it was set so he can show the audience “wow, I’m cool, I don’t need to use special effects to do this stunt.” That’s what I felt.

I also saw a movie called Godsend, it wasn’t so good, and the ending wasn’t happy at all… I think it was supposed to be a happy ending, but it just left things open ended. I also saw Mean Girls, which was okay. I like Lindsay Lohan, Freaky Friday was better though.

Did we tell you about Bo-De’s? Lachlan introduced it to us, it’s a place around Weber and Parkside, where they sell discounted food in bulk. Best example, is what we bought, is a bunch of no-name fudgeo cookies, 10 pounds, 10 bucks. It’s really good, they’re good cookies, it’s a good deal, and we still have some cookies left over since middle of February. There are also chocolates, candies, and other cookies there. I recommend you drive there and buy some cookies. I would do it again soon.

These days, we usually still purchase drinks from the convenience store. They no longer have the “two 2-litre coke products for $3.00” deal, so ice tea is more expensive now, but we still manage to buy some there. I like my ice tea diluted with water, so it’s less sweet, a bit less flavourful, but still much more flavourful than water. So it’s like drinking healthier ice tea, with still enough flavour and effect. Also, on my desk at all times is a 100g Toblerone, right now dark chocolate, since it’s so good. The Dark Chocolate kind is so rich, so that 1 piece is enough to fill a craving or whatever. Such a toblerone would last me a month, so I don’t have to buy a lot to feed my chocolate craving.

I feel like some iced tea now. BRB. Or Be Right Back. Or as Alan would say, “Bee Arr Bee”.

Anyway, did I tell you about my current obsession? Well, I did on my blog, but there was no opportunity for me to do it here. Anyway, when Alan gets back, he’s probably expecting a funny entry, but it’s not so funny, it’s just long and… descriptive. It’s 3:12 now, time has passed by, and I’m not even done writing yet, but I can end it soon. Anyway, you all have been reading so far, so here’s my obsessive song, download it, get obsessed to it too.

Let’s see… not much time left… 10 minutes…. Umm… I bought Need for Speed Underground at the end of last term, it’s fun, but lately I haven’t played it much. It’s a bit boring, yet still fun, and I haven’t unlocked everything yet. Anyway, I just wanted to get that out of the way.

We covered most of everything… except… Anime! ANIME! Recently I had a VSA anime-a-thon, Alan attended, Jason wasn’t there that weekend though, but it was fun. Ask Alan about the anime about Bread, it’s very enjoyable. As for me, I’m so hooked on Gankutsuou, which is a retelling of the count of Monte Cristo. It’s very captivating, if you can enjoy the weird… stylish… art animation. I recommend it.

Alright, I should wrap this up now, but the biggest event lately, was reading week, or for us, the reading moment. As it was last year, David and a few others visited us during reading week, to spend time in Waterloo. David really enjoyed it last time, this time was also okay I think. So that was fun, ate out, good food, good time had by all. After that, when we went home for the rest of the few days, I had a semi-party, had all of Duy’s friends come over. That was fun; the regular smash-a-thon, some Futurama in there, Settlers of Catan, Pool, and pizza. So, it was a good reading week.

Anyway, it’s 3:17 now, class ends around 3:20, and it takes 7 minutes to walk back. Hmm… I still have a few minutes, but I’m sure you all want to stop reading now and just post lots of comments to Alan and I. Come on, I gave you 5 Microsoft word pages of stuff to read, the least you can do is… comment… about the song… hehe…

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading. Let me know if you want to do this more often, or if you don’t want me to do this again, haha.

So, tell all your friends that Alan updated. Well, maybe not. If you like my update, spread the word to all those you like and love. If you hated my update, spread the word to all those you hate. (taken from , check it out, it’s one of Duy’s friends, he draws crazy pictures and comics).

Umm… 3:19… that sounds like time to go. Anyway… how to end this… maybe I should go downstairs and

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Oh no, it's like, mmm...damn.

So I haven't blogged in a long time. But now am I blogging again, at the request of Bao. Anyways, there's not much I have to say at the moment. School this term seems harder than last term, even though I'm still taking a lot of courses with ppl that I know. WoW is progressing slowly at the moment. Jason and Ray are already level 60, while me and Duy are stuck catching up. Currently, I'm 54 while Duy is still 51. We joined a new guild yesterday under Ray's advice; hopefully it works out. It's supposed a cooler "raiding" guild than the more casual guild we were in before.

It's finally starting to get cold around Waterloo, so that sucks. I wonder if we'll end up having another snow day one of these days. Yesterday, I heard that the math and eng reading week has been renamed to "reading moment" over here. How fitting lol. I should be coming back home this weekend...'cause Bao needs to get his projector from home for his anime-a-thon. I could stay here I guess....'cause it's kinda annoying to have to go home for no reason...but then oh well, if I don't go home this weekend, probably can't go back next weekend yeah.