Saturday, October 15, 2005

I should've been studying today...

but somehow, I got distracted...and then I was tired due to not getting much sleep lately, and so I ended up wasting 3 hours today. :P Well, I better start reading Bio and studying for Stat 331 (or else I'll fail even more horribly) but I just wanted to post this little nugget I discovered recently. Perhaps I'll make this a recurring feature...kinda like "Card of the Day" on the official Magic site.

Anyways, take a look at this card:

It's funny; can you see why?
Little details like this, which shows that they're paying attention to how the set is presented, is what makes Ravnica stand out in my opinion.
(btw, sry if you already saw this where I posted it elsewhere and are disappointed that I didn't post anything "new")

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Cool Magic related course info

Earlier today, I was reading stuff for my BIOL tutorial next week, about the origins and definitions of cell biology words. Part of the work we had to do for the next tutorial was use a list of Latin and Greek word stems, and figure out the definitions of ten complicated multi-syllable words that were related to the course. While reading through the list of definitions, I cam across this one:

Phy - to grow

which is appropriate, because it reminded me of this little guy from Ravnica:

For a cool story about Phytohydra, see Bao's blog, specifically the post entitled "Ravnica". It's funny how I usually manage to see so much Magic related stuff in my day to day activities some days. Most of the time, it's nothing much to write about, like some prof mentioning the name of a card that's also a common English word. But other times, interesting things pop up like this, or one lecture where I remember the prof used like 3 Magic card names in less than a minute or so. :P