Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Preparing for JOY Retreat - July 9-11

So...I told Duy that I'd post an update on my blog by yesterday, giving the details of the last part of my week. The point was to explain and show how busy I was from Wed - Fri (I basically went out early every morning and didn't get back until late at night everyday.) and explain how I kinda forgot about some plans I had for the weekend. But, I guess I already pretty much explained that part to DB already, and I've been kinda swamped with planning for the upcoming retreat and parents ordering me to do other mundane chores around the house. (Just tonight, I had to help take the ends of tons of those long green took forever and ended up hurting my fingers. It kinda sucked since I wasn't going to be eating them anyways...but oh well.)

Either way, I'm pretty sure the members of the group wouldn't really care that much about what happened with me, and if they do, they can just message me. I'll have a real update after I get back from the retreat, which will surely give me lots of things to talk about. Before I go though, I just want to wish my softball team a good week, and also Bao a fun anime-a-thon this weekend. Too bad I can't come...

Oh, one last thing, an idea Bao popped to me yesterday. Anyone up for a CSI marathon? :)