Wednesday, May 19, 2004

What a way to end the day

Well, the 6 player Settlers game was really fun. It went on for a long time though, longer than expected, but eventually Andy was crowned king of Catan. Then Wen was in second, and me and Duy were tied for third, while Bao and David were tied for fifth. I really think we should play another big game of Settlers one day, it's really different from playing with just 4 ppl.

I also had a really great weekend, congrats to all the newborn ppl! :)

Anyways, I'm finally getting off my lazy butt and being productive somewhat nowadays. And also something really cool was tonight's JOY action group meeting. I didn't really know what to expect, I figured it'd be just like a WAY committee meeting, and then I'd go home with my parents who were at the church doing Tai Chi. Meeting was supposed to start at 7:30, I get to church at 7:30 and the only other ppl there were Sarah Kee, Alan Liu, Bryan, and this other girl. We listened to Alan talk about his dreams for the fellowship and stuff for a bit, then we broke off into our teams. I was the communications guy, so I got lumped in with the small group ppl - and then only ppl who were there were Betty and Rebecca Mok. We started planning and discussing stuff for a while, then eventually Bryan joined us and we hit on some really good ideas. At about 9:45, we ended our group meeting and went off to find the other groups and see how they were doing.

Later on, everyone else left, even the Tai Chi ppl and the deacons who were at the deacon meeting, and it was just me, Andrew, Sarah, Betty, and Bryan talking in a classroom in the WAY room. There was really good fellowshipping and discussion that went on that room, and we talked about a lot of areas. I felt really glad to be able to be in this talk with them, I hadn't had one of these kinda talks in a long time. Maybe about an hour later or so, we were pretty tired but still wanted to keep going, but we basically had to leave the church, so we went over to Timmy's/Wendy's and kept on talking there until around midnight. It was really enlightening and revealing being able to talk about that kinda stuff with them, even though I was never was really close Bryan or Sarah. I wouldn't have missed this for almost anything, not even CSI:Miami haha. Anyways, after getting a ride from Andrew (again), I arrived home to find both my parents asleep downstairs, with most of the lights still on and stuff...heh.

Whoa, I actually did write a lot about that meeting, though I wasn't really planning too. I had just wanted to post this up, since I hadn't been updating for a while. ->

Some funny quotes from a Glen Forest physics teacher, which were brought up by Betty and Sarah:
"This is relative velocity - there are two cars on the highway. One is stationary, and the other is travelling at 100 km/h. When the two cars get right beside each other, they're travelling at the same speed."

"You know what you guys, the reason you ask so many questions is because you don't ask enough questions!"
- Mrs. Christenson