Saturday, April 10, 2004

My promised update

hmmm...what to say, what to say? Well then, might as well talk about how today went. Today, I woke up finally at noon, after staying up till 4 the previous night doing other stuff when I should've been sleeping haha. Me and Duy were supposed to go to Jason's place to 'study' calculus 3 this afternoon at lunch time, but we ended up going at around 1:30, stopping to pick up some lunch at V1 along the way.

ahh..okay, here's something I can expand on. V1 is so cheap, their version of "take out' involves putting your order in one of those small dinky fry containers. So I ordered Curry Chicken to go, so th at I could bring it to Jason's, and then they end up putting it in one of those things, so I get like half of what I would've got if I had it on a plate. =( Oh still tasted pretty good though. I just wonder why they can't keep those styrofoam take out boxes there like they do at DC, I feel like I got ripped off.

so we arrive at Jason's, and him and Kevin Yip are playing Neverwinter Nights. So we watch them play for a while until we decide to trudge upstairs to the study room and try to study. Unfortunately, none of us are really in the mood for studying, so although we try, we aren't really that productive, so eventually Jason folds and we all go back down to see some more NVN. After a while, I decided that I should probably try and study more, since I had no idea about half of the questions on the sample final, and so I go out of Jason's room and into the main living area. Didn't get much done there, but I don't really know much about NVN anyways, so meh.

at about 6, Jason tells bao that we're coming back home, so the three of us trek back all the way across campus to our house, and on the way there, Duy tells us of this funny story about how someone had the idea of making a bot in an MMORPG that only says stuff like "dude" and "right on" lol. (I don't think a lot of ppl would understand what I'm talking about there, haha) Anyways, then went to eat dinner at Vinh Tin, (vietnamese restaurant); we hadn't been there in a long time, since Duy doesn't like it, and he's always the limiting reagent, so we usually go somewhere else in an attempt to keep everyone happy. This time, Jason got ninjaed by me almost 3 times kinda. (sry sir.) The first was when I was trying to pour his tea while in a really tired mode, and I ended up spilling some of it on the table. The second was when I wanted to order 409, but then I found out he wanted it too, so then he changed his order to something else, but then I changed mine, so he changed his back to 409. When the waitress came with our orders, however, Jason didn't get what he wanted- apparently she thought my "409" looked like a "404" or something. Finally, the last ninjaing was when I was trying to pay for both Jason and myself, and get the discount from my VSA cardc for both of us. "One card per person," the woman tells us. Ninjaed.

[edit] Oh, forgot to mention one thing, since my order and Jason's order got ninjaed, I ended up with noodles and beef and meatballs. And so near the end of the meal, I had some meatballs and beef left in my bowl, and the following convo ensues:

Duy: are those good?
Alan: I dunno, they taste just like normal meatballs.
Duy: they look pretty good....
*2 second pause*
*Duy suddenly reaches over and grabs a meatball out of my bowl, then eats it*
Duy: Ninja!


Outside the restaurant, Jason made his Will save and decided to go home and sleep instead of coming back to our house to play games. The three of us go back home, and Duy goes on FF 11, Bao goes up to his comp, and I go on msn and start talking to some ppl I needed to talk to. Bao tells me that I promised him to update my blog today, and I tell him that I will tonight, but he doesn't believe me. Then later on, he gets annoyed at me, 'cause it's 12:48 and I still haven't updated yet. But now I am! See Bao, I told you to trust me. Anyways, thankfully, my blog isn't giving out viruses to ppl who come and view it (stupid pop ups) and I should be getting to sleep so that I can actually study for both PMATH and calc 3 tomolo. ahhh...must pass those courses...

Hope it goes well....

Friday, April 09, 2004

Okay, Alan signed in now, cuz I told him to, but then 15 seconds later he fell on his bed and hasn't moved since. I think he's sleeping, but his eyes are open. Duy and Jason and Wen are looking at the videlectrix site. They're laughing, and Alan doesn't understand what they're laughing about.

Alan says he doesn't want to update because it's been so many days, so it's too much work. This, Bao says, creates a conundrum, a paradox if you may - if you don't update, it will be MORE days since the last update, and thus, it will always be a lot more work. Thus, I tell him to update now, and then update again tomorrow, so that it will be less days and stuff. But unfortunately, not 30 seconds after I leave the room, Alan is on his bed, lying down.

OH! He's getting up! And he's leaving the room. I think he's in my room now. Yes, he is.

I hear music! Where's it comign from? It's coming from myroom, but I dunno what it is.

Ahh, it's the Kill Bill vol 2 trailer. Anyway, so today Alan went to a calculus3 study session, I'm not sure how that went because I was writing an exam during that time. It was a short exam, yet a hard exam... so it was okay. Hopefully my next few exams wouldn't be so hard.

Anyway, let's pretend this is Alan's most recent post. So hopefully he'll post tomorrow about the events that have happened tomorrow. Then he doesn't really have an excuse to not post.

Now I'm talking to Diana on msn. I might as well become Alan as long as I'm on his computer... so... what to do now...

Hmm... so... ASPARAGUS is still there.... hmm.. well, if Alan doesn't post soon, I might have to fill up his blog with more garbage :P or... hmm... I dunno. So... how is everyone doing? It's 12:44 am now... I should probably start studing for PM340 and 330... argh... hopefully 340 won't hurt me too badly... hmm... can't wait for the summer... will be lots of fun. More fun than other summers? Not sure... ahh, wait, gotta go pee... brb.

okay back. gotta do a favour for Diana... ::


anyway, now I still don't know what Asparagus means, but I guess it's important. Like a scar, or a memory, that reminds someone of who they are. I suppose it's something like that. Anyway, I'm going to just write a lot more now, just so we'll have something to read while Alan's not posting.

So once upon a time, there was a Pasta Prince in the Pasta kingdom. He loved Pasta, but he didn't like Cheese. Thus, he was in a paradox, because most pasta have cheeses. So he invented a new kinda pasta that didn't involve cheese, but it did involve icecream. Needless to say, the combination tasted pretty bad - not as bad as icecream and tuna fish, but still pretty bad. So he had to travel to the land of the Eastern Lava-lamp.

There, he found the unhunted Wooly Llama, who was the wisest Llama in all the land. Of course, there was the unhunted Wooly Bear, who was the wisest bear in all the land, and it wasn't duly noted which of the two was wiser. So the Pasta Prince was puzzled, whether to visit the Wooly Llama or the Wooly cow. But since the wooly cow didn't exist, he naturally decided to visit the Wooly Llama. So the Llama wins this round.

The Llama didn't know the answer to his question, but did offer her some good advice. "What you seek, my child, is not wisdom, but power." So she went to Powerland, because there she was able to obtain the most power. So the pasta princess arrived there, and there she couldn't find the power at first.

She looked hard and harder, until around night time, she saw some power just laying there in the dark, deep waters. She absorbed it, but it seemed to be alas too much for her. She couldn't take it, so she imploded. He then decided to quit on his journey, and go back home to the pasta kingdom. However, there was a problem.

It couldn't make it back, because its boat has disappeared from existence. It had to find an alternate method of transportation, and for that it went to the Wooly bear, because from past experience, it seemed the wooly llama was pretty useless. After arriving in Switzerland, he came along to the Wooly bear who sat on top of the biggest mountain in Denmark.

He asked the Bear how to get back to the Pasta Kingdom. "You can't, my child - you can't go back. Well, there is only one way."
"What is it?" Asked the princess politely.
"You must climb the forbidden path to the west side of the pasta kingdom. Only there can someone your age pass through the river of forbidden paths. You must know the hidden passcode, which you should find out during your travels."
So it left the bear, and started heading toward the forbidden paths. On the way, it/he/she got really hungry, and needed food badly. HE NEEDS FOOD BADLY. So he stopped by an inn, but not any inn, it was a magically enchanted urban arcana inn. There, it costs like, $2000000 to stay a night, and unfortunately, she did not have enough money. The only way to make money was to do some odd jobs around the town. So she did that.

To be continued.