Monday, September 26, 2005

Kratos is awesome - part 2

Okay, this post is just to hold the comments for the longer post below. Read ahead! ENjoy!

Kratos is awesome

It's Bao again! Yes, I graduated, but now I'm visiting Waterloo, and one of the things I'd say I'd do for sure was to update Alan's blog! So Alan is at school now, until 10:20, so I think I'll take the next hour to update the blog.

So what am I doing here, on Alan's blog? I don't know if you want me to write about what Alan did over the summer. Sure, I can give my interpretation about what he did during the summer... I can take clues from our msn conversations and say "he was volunteering" or "he went camping a few times", but that's not really it.

I can also punish alan for not writing for so long by writing bad stuff in this blog, but that's not really fair to you readers, is it? So that's not really it.

I think, mostly, I will just write different stuff, so that you don't have to look at whatever we were looking at before for the past 205 days. So first, I'll change tht title of this post to "Kratos is awesome". Now there's something we can stand to read everytime we visit this blog. Even if it's not updated, we'll still be kinda happy because we are reminded that Kratos is awesome.

Secondly, I'll do to Alan's blog what I did to both my other blogs. Hey Alan, are you reading this? If so, this change should make it easier (at least for me), for you to start blogging again. Look up. See the description of your blog? See the last period in the elipses? You can click on that now, and then you can easily create a new blog post. If you have cookies on this computer and stuff, you can have it so you don't need to put in your password again, and then you just start writing.

It's so useful. I have it on both my blogs too. I no longer have to open a new browser window to go to and sign in and stuff. It's just one-click and you can write your post, or copy and paste it from MS-Word or however you do it.

Now that I'm done talking about the changes, it's time to go on to the blog post. So I said this post should be more interesting to read than the other one, but so far just the title is more interesting. So what gives? Well... I dunno. If you want Alan to write stuff, then... well, first I made it easier for him to write stuff, at least, it's that way for me. (as a bonus, look to see if you can find the secret links in both my blogs).

Maybe Alan also needs to be... different about his posts? See, that's why I have 2 blogs! Each blog has a different type of expectation for its readers, or something like that. I think Alan should just write something every day, maybe make it a routine thing, would be best. Either that, or something every week, make it a routine thing. Or we'll see. I think blogging is fun, lots of people think so too, so I think Alan should think so too. Let's give reasons why!

Umm... discussion is cool :) There. That's a sole reason for writing blog posts. They can be boring posts about what you did (unless you did something awesome), or you can write something you found out in Magic (that 3d magic thing was pretty nifty), or you can just put up a funny joke you found somewhere. Or you can do what Jia did and copy and paste a few parts of my message boards on, although I don't recommend that. It's such a cop-out thing.

OOOh! You can copy and paste msn conversations which were pretty funny or stupid. Those are always fun to read, aren't they? Anyway, so the point of the story is, people want you to blog more, and it doesn't really matter all too much what it is. It's like that garfield cartoon where the guy says that something is on sale, even though it isn't; and people will flock to it, even if it's twice the price as usual, but they will because "it's on sale". So, what I'm saying is, just put stuff "on sale", and people will "read" it even if it's "bad". Hehe.

This is a long post (since I still have 40 minutes to write stuff, and hey, if I only get to blog here once every 100-200 days, then I should make the most of it, right? you've been looking at the bunch of paragraphs below for the past 200 days, so now you get to look at THIS bunch of paragraphs for hopefully, less than 20 days, but possibly, up to 200 days). So this is a long post, so after all this I'll make another post up there so you don't have to scroll down all the way to read the comments.

I sure hope Alan blogs more. If this is his homepage, then blogging should be easy cuz you just click on the period there. Anyway, I still have some time, so I'll write... more!

Alan stopped playing WOW now, so he can be online more I think. I think Alan's sorta busy with school work nowadays, making sure his plan is in order so that he doesn't have to do too many extra terms, or that he won't get screwed over when he figures out those credits he did in Engineering don't count or whatever.

Alan did a lot of volunteering this summer, instead of a paying job, which is okay, always more stuff to add to your resume, right? He also went camping a few times, and he did stuff with his volunteer group at the end of his contract, like parties and bands and stuff. We played some more magic this summer, including an interesting "made-up set", that was fun. If it's interesting and short, Alan might blog about it later, or you can read it a few weeks ago on my blogs.

Let's see... Alan's friends... I'm doing okay - I'm out of school, but now I find myself too free. I don't have a job so I just sit and play games all day, or I work on my creative stuff. The other day I made this sweet flash movie, I won't solicitate it here, but wait for it on my blog in the next few weeks. So while I was in school I was wishing I was out of school, and now that I'm out of school... well, it's nice, but if I had to do something, I guess school wouldn't be that bad. Just not math.

Duy - he still plays WOW, and I think he still plays FFXI, so if you want to chat with him, MSN and AIM are hardly reliable, so I suggest you buy other instant messengers such as WOW and FFXI.

I'm not sure how Alex is doing, and I haven't talked to Diana or Vicki for a while. Jason's doing great in Japan, as you can tell from his blog. And then there's David, whom we all know about now from reading his blog, so I won't get into that much detail for now. Good luck David, keep us posted.

Loren is our new roommate, and when I say our, I mean Alan and Duy. I'm not here anymore. Technically if I was still here, Loren and I would be sleeping in the same bed ;) but alas, that's not the case. From what I gather, Loren and Duy-and-Alan don't interact much. Oh well. I said hi to her yesterday, she's a nice girl. And I know one of her friends, he came over yesterday and I hear he comes over all the time, so that's kinda cool.

It's 10:05 now, so I have about 20 minutes left. In the world of anime, Alan's seem FF7 Advent Children, which is pretty wicked. I brought over FMA and Gankutsuou, so maybe this week he can catch up on some of FMA, while I rewatch some of Gankutsuou, which I do all the time at home anyway. The art style (when not in motion) is soo beautiful, so pretty and textured. When in motion, it's... interesting, to say the least, as a lot of you already know.

in the world of videogames, I betcha Duy and Alan haven't been playing Paper Mario. Actually, they're playing a lot of X-Men Legends now, which Ambrose bought from Toys-R-Us for $15, which is a sweet deal. Anyway, there's a Paper Mario speedrun up on SDA now, so that's kinda cool. But yeah, Duy and Alan should play through Paper Mario - it's a really neat gem and it's a lot of fun (fun play, funny scenes, etc).

I got Graffiti Kingdom for PS2 and Burnout Revenge for Xbox. They both sure are fun. Graffiti Kingdom is a one-of-a-kind game, but I doubt you want to read about it here.

... darn, I didn't copy and paste the whole file into notepad, so I'm missing the last two paragraphs below. Alan signed me into blogger before he left for class, but I guess the cookie or whatever expired, cuz now I went to post and I'm back at the sign-in screen. So I'll wait for him to get back, so I can copy and paste this part back in and post it! And then I have to post that other piece too.

So as I was saying... I don't remember. I think I was just wrapping it up. I'm in 'Loo this week, I hope I get to watch CSI at Wen's house today (I looove CSI, didcha know that?) and... hopefully Alan will post a new post within a few days of reading this. Anyway, I need to check my e-mail before he gets back, so I better finish this off.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully we'll get some new content in a few days, otherwise, I'll be back in about 2-6 months. See ya!

... okay, it's 10:45, Alan's not back yet. So I can still write more stuff in this notepad, but I really don't know if I want to or need to.
oh, it's 10:49. He's back. yay, now I can finally post. Thanks for reading!

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