Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Mirrodin Block Sealed/Draft Event anyone?

Mosquito bites are not fun. Camping is fun. Camping for two weekends in a row is funner. Camping two weekends in a row with good friends is the best. :)

Now that Joshua Camp and JOY Retreat are over, I'll soon start to get back into the routine of things, like softball and volunteering. Hopefully my twenty-something mosquito bites will have healed by the time I go camping again on the weekend of August 22 =/

And now, a funny happening from today's softball practice:

A few people are practicing fielding by throwing the ball around. After Sam barely misses a catch...

Paul - "Don't worry Sam, I used to catch like that when I was your age."
Sam - "You know Paul, you are younger than me."


Anyways, the main point of this update was to see if anyone was interested in attending a Magic event this weekend at DB's house. (see below for details) Preferably, it would be this Sunday, but Saturday would work too, so I guess it depends on whoever's coming. We have to know by Friday though, to be able to buy enough packs and etc. So if you're interested, let either me or Bao know. Cost should be about $25 (to purchase one Mirrodin starter, one Darksteel booster, and two Fifth Dawn boosters for each person.)

The following is an email that Duy sent out a while ago, with more info. We're probably going to be following the stuff laid out there, except for the team stuff if there isn't enough ppl.

So, sometime this summer, we plan on having another Magic tournament, using the three sets of the newest block. Fifth Dawn comes out sometime in June, so it'll be after that, obviously.

If possible, we're thinking of making this a team tournament, with four pairs of two playing. An odd number of teams would suck (as it almost always ends up becoming a 2v1), and two teams of three would be unwieldy or something, so if we can't get 2v2v2v2, it will likely be normal 1v1 battles.

Hm.. okay, maybe we'll play 1v1 any way, but the drafting process can be done in teams to help each other or something....

So if you know of anyone who may be interested (as we don't have 8 people yet), send them a copy of this e-mail or so.

This time, instead of just a draft, we're thinking of making it part sealed, part draft. Yes, it's an odd combination.... So, first you open your Mirrodin starter and can look through that, then the boosters will be drafted like we normally do. If this is in teams, we will allow discussion between partners at all times. Partners will be sitting beside each other during the drafting process.

We could also make it really luck-based and have you draft before opening your starter... heh heh heh.... ... ... probably not though. =P

We would like to have one Mirrodin Starter, two Darksteel boosters and two Fifth Dawn boosters, but that comes out to the price of roughly 7 boosters per person (roughly $30). If people aren't quite willing to pay that, then we'll cut out one Darksteel booster. Please respond with your preference. Deck size will be determined later, depending on the number of boosters we get.

Now here's one last catch that we're adding for fun: when going into this tournament, you should know nothing about Fifth Dawn. Don't look at any previews or spoilers beforehand, and don't discuss it with others that know stuff about it. So everyone will have to thoroughly read the cards when drafting the Fifth Dawn boosters, and who knows, you may get some pleasant surprises...

And that's the end of that chapter. Or something.

So yeah, we've been planning this for a while, and I'm hoping that we can at least get more than 4 ppl there heh. Anyone and all are welcome. :)