Saturday, July 15, 2006


So the previous Monday's Smash Tournament didn't turn out as well as the previous one. Every one of us posted worse records than we did before, except for Ambrose, who went on to grab 3rd place. Duy also managed to come in second, after a couple of fairly close games in the finals against a Sheik. I think Duy won about $25 and Ambrose about $15.

Anyways, the big winner of the day ended up being Jason, who found first a $50 and then a $20 as we were walking through the University Plaza parking lot on the way to East Side Mario's. :P He ended up getting more than Duy and Ambrose put together, heh. As for me, my first two rounds were against two people who eventually placed in the top 8, so I got beaten pretty badly. I managed to win a frustrating 3rd round game on Brinstar Depths, which featured both me and my opponent falling through the stage. Afterwards, however, I lost a close match against a Link and was eliminated. Final record: 1-3, which was a lot worse than my previous showing of 4-3. Oh well, sometimes you win, sometimes you don't.

The rest of the week was mainly spent hanging out with Bao, who stayed for the entire week. More memorable activities included the usual Wednesday night badminton, drafting G9G, meeting up with Betty, and of course, buying the WoW board game. :P
Oh, of course, the warrior sucks in that version too.