Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Iced Tea Explosion/ UT 2004

Tank, Ninja, Beast, are used too much, define, not use them anymore like thing, thingieing

More about cool cooking dinner later. =)

Monday, March 22, 2004

Just some crazy thoughts...

As me and Duy were walking back from the convenience store after dinner today, we heard the radio commerical that ends with: "Coffee time is any time, any time is coffee time!" And so my crazy mathie mind started working, and I thought...hmmm...that can be true in real life, but it doesn't have to be true in say, a programming language. ( like how
a = b is not the same as b = a in C++) But yeah...I dunno...I guess I'm thinking too much about this since I'm taking a course about logic this term. =/ Any math ppl wanna try and find a way to misinterpret their slogan? heh

And also, as we were waiting to cross Philip Street, this crazy though just popped into my head. If someone were to just jump out purposefully and try and tank and get hit by a moving car, and get killed, whose fault would it be? And what kind of charges could the driver face? Manslaugher? Maybe some ppl who've taken law could give some input.

Those were just some thoughts that I had that kinda lead of to nowhere at the moment, just thought I'd throw them out to maybe provoke some discussion. I also finished up to episode 15 of Full Metal Alchemist today, and I must say that I really like the series; they manage to show a lot of the characters in different perspectives, and it's very emotional. (so no Wen, it's not cheesy like digimon...it's good lol.)

Second Sunrise

So...I haven't been updating for a long time, but now that the effects of busyness and other incidents have kind of abated, I guess I'll resume this blog. Hopefully I'll be more consisten this time. Anyways, I was going to post this up yesterday, but fell asleep haha.

Yesterday, I attended the CCF Grad Dinner with Ambrose, and met up with Tim Li and Chris Tsoi when we got there. We arrived at 6:30 like they told us to, but of course it being a CCF event and running on Chinese time, the dinner actually didn't start until like at least an hour later. The four of us passed some of the time by playing some Big 2, I haven't played that game in a long time. I always liked how it seemed really simple, yet there could still some very strategic decisions that one is forced to make during the game. Actually, that's something I could say about a lot of games that I like a lot. (ie: Super Smash Brothers Melee) Even Magic, though at first all the rules might seem confusing to new players, they new rules are actually much more clear, and learning the game is now a lot easier. Once you get into the game, however, there's basically an endless number of decks you can make and strategies you can try.

The food was good, roast beef, ham, mashed potatoes and salad. A lot of the frosh were helping out this year to make the food and serve. Nothing really special happened during the dinner, I didn't really know many of the grads that well, so I didn't really feel any emotional attachment during that night, nor did I understand a lot of the humour that was going on during the slideshows and such. The only interesting thing was that the table I was sitting at ending up being the 'future committee table' :) It just happened that way by chance, but the people at my table that night included:

Helen Tam, Jane Huang, Marianne Heppleston, Tim Li, Sam Ng, Eric Cheng, and Chris Tsoi.

what's so interesting about these people? Well, they're almost all the candidates that are running for CCF committee next year! (except we're missing one person only) Perhaps it's just a coincidence? Nah...foreshadowing of something that me, Simon, Ambrose, or Kevin Leung might do in the future? Maybe...hehe...I did committee back in WAY when I was in OAC, so I'm thinking I should be helping out in some capacity at least in CCF....

At first, I hadn't planned on going to grad dinner maybe, 'cause I was afraid that my clothes weren't appropriate enough (it was supposed to be 'business casual' and all I had at my house here were t-shirts and normal pants.) But now that it's over...I'm sooo glad that I went! Me, Brose, Simon and Chris decided to leave one the standard grad sharing time was over at about 10:45, to go to William's and get some coffee to have our own little sharing group. And we all shared how our life was going with each other, and some 'deep' stuff, and then I learned stuff that night, stuff that I needed to learn. Stuff that I should've learnt by last year at the latest, which would've saved me a lot of trouble. Thanks Chris and Simon for sharing that stuff with me, and also Ambrose for being 'some kind of robot' (I don't think anyone else caught that comment, but I did haha) and for using stuff from games to describe your spiritual life lol. It's cool that I kinda had this night just when I needed it...I'll remember it for a long time.

In calc 3 this morning, we were learning about triple integrals (integrating volumes in 3-D) an our prof was writing up an example on the board, and told us to sketch the area that we were goign to integrate and find the volume of. So I was lazy/tired, so I figured I'd just let someone else do it, when all of a sudden Jason beside me says "whoa...du fromage!!" And I look at his page, and there is a graph of what looks like a block of cheese in 3-D hehehe (it was basically a triangular prism like thingieing) and then later we had to do another example with the cheese, only this time it was flipped around. It was the highlight of the class haha.

Must start working on last PMATH assign now...thought my ECON exam was this wed as well, but good thing it's next wed. And oh, if you're wondering what else has been going on over here...you can look at Bao's blog , since he decided to do an update for me one time hehe. Hopefully we won't burn down the house tomolo....or give Betty and Vanessa food poisoning...haha....