Friday, December 09, 2005

Oh no sir

Had my first exam yesterday morning, BIOL 130. I think I got about 90/110, giving me a final mark of about 76% in the course. I could've easily done better though, had I finished more assignments or started studying earlier, but oh least I used some of that time well by reading my stat 330 notes for my next exam. I should get to studying that soon...

Dang, apparently, my chatterbox got deleted on Dec. 3rd. Though no really used it for a long time, there were probably posted that people made a long time ago, that I would've wanted to keep for old time's sake. Mostly made by people who I don't really see that often anymore, heh. I'd kept it alive many times by just posting random junk on it when it was threatened with deletion due to unuse...but this time I think I saw the email but then got distracted and forgot about was also more annoying to update it since I started using Firefox.

So now a little nugget of Magic Ravnica info I never really noticed before. Have you ever wondered why this spell

is called Lightning HELIX? and not something like "Lightning Blast" (okay, that's been done before) or "Lightning Swirl" (that sounds dumb) or maybe "Lightning Spiral"?(that's a bit better sounding) Well, if you think about it, what old school cards is this card a combination of? Namely, Lightning Bolt and Healing Salve. Get it now? It's another play on words - Lightning HEAL-ix. :P It's interesting and cool how I never noticed that one before, considering how much I like puns. Also, it helps to explain how this spell can work flavourwise in Red/White when most people would've expected this card to be black; it's not actually draining life from anything, the surge of DNA-shaped lightning is reinvigorating you and at the same time burning your opponent. The Boros seem to know how to split the spell so that they only get the HP goodness part and their enemies get the fried-to-a-crisp part, heh.