Friday, November 11, 2005

A bit late...

Well, this week it was Dimir Week on And coincidentally, it just so happened that on Monday, I was "touched by a Moroii." If you don't get the reference, look below. Anyways, I had a pretty cool day on Monday, got to have a spontaneous dinner at East Side's with Duy, Brose, Wen, Jon Ting, and Betty. Then Wen, Brose, and Betty came over to play something we haven't played in a while, Mario Tennis. Or rather I should say, we played while Betty watched; it was Wen's first time playing, but even then, we all had forgotten how to play enough that the teams were fairly evenly matched no matter how we divided them. Then I had to go to prestudy, (which I only found out about the day before) and there we sat in a hot room, debating about semantics and free will vs. predestination. Wheee!

I had a weird week afterwards though, beasting through my stats assignment in a day in a morning (woke up at 5am the day it was due to finish it) and then procrastinating a lot of non-school stuff that I should've done. I guess I didn't have much energy left after that assignment. Somehow, my stat 330 quiz got sent to the wrong tutorial, so it didn't matter that I woke up late after my nap and didn't get there on time anyways. Then Thursday night, I went to Burger King with Duy and Wen, to use some of the cupons we got through the mail. (Finally we get some useful cupons, heh.) Then we went back to Wen's place to see Shadow of the Colossus. It is a very very unique game, not for everyone, but I can imagine myself enjoying, and I can definitely imagine David enjoying it.

Anyways, me and Annie aren't really that prepared for tonight's Bstudy...going to have to play it by ear and see how our group responds - if we'll have enough time for discussion on application methods or not. We only have one hour for the whole thing apparently, which really isn't that long. But oh well, I hope I don't really mess up.

oh...and since I have a "Birthday" Ravnica draft coming up, perhaps I should post some Ravnica info up that people can be better prepared for it, and it'll be more exciting and fun, hehe.