Friday, February 20, 2004

awww...I finally get to come home for Reading Days, and now most of my friends are going off on Winter Retreat/ JOY Retreat. Oh well...perhaps I could use this time to catch up on PMATH if I could only remember where the course notes were....

hmmm....quick reminder to everyone reading this: if using blogger, save a copy of your template every once in a never know what could happen....

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

"Duy writes an exam with calculus questions with a pencil."

Was just checking the news today, and I found something pretty humourous. It's been a while since I've seen something like this, so here it is:

Headline on ~ "Grenade in car closes US border crossing."

This is what the story was really about:

(CNN) -- Canadian Border Patrol officials Monday found a grenade in the glove compartment of a car that was trying to enter Canada from the United States, Canadian authorities told CNN.

And this was the actual title of the article:

Canada stops car with grenade
'We don't take chances at the border'

[Canadian border guard] Oh no! A suspicious looking car is trying to cross our border. What do we do? Throw a grenade at it!!![/Canadian border guard]

thankful for some bit of comic relief before my exam =)
(for reference:
since that double post screwed things up, I've decided to make another short post before I do battle with calculus tomolo. First of all, to everyone who hasn't done this before, try it:

it's an interesting flash "mystery puzzle thinger" where you have to escape from a locked room. If you think Engrish is funny, you'll probably love the subtitles. (too bad Season doesn't read this..haha) Some parts of it are kinda annoying,and I did get stuck and couldn't solve it without help...but yeah, it's still fun.

and lastly, I guess I'll end with another quote...since I've gotten inspiration from Joel's blog, and various other ppl's as well. (he doesn't read this either, but oh well)

"Worship the ideal, not the idol." - Serra
~ flavour text from Urza's Saga Worship

anyone care to tell me what this quote is trying to say? 'cause I'm not sure at all what it means....

Monday, February 16, 2004

UW Reading Week is a gip, I demand a refund!

So...last night's 'studying' for the calculus midterm tom went pretty well, although Jason and Duy spent a lot of time playing/talking about D2x haha. We did manage to get a least a good hour of hardcore studying done at least though (ppl who know about D2 might get the unintentional pun in that line)

Anyways, going to go back to Jason's place to do more studying soon. So just wanted to say that I am still going to talk about all the funny stuff that happened during our last two dnd games...but cramming for calc 3 out prioritizes that heh. Argh...dang Waterloo and its stupid Reading Days....

(wishing I could be back at home)

Sunday, February 15, 2004

"It's surprising how many messages God has in his outbox." -slasher