Saturday, February 11, 2006

It has gone full circle...

And so, after some thought over a long period of time, that I've decided that I will try to start blogging again. I always thought it to be a worthwhile activity, though I always got lazy, and never really wrote much of substance usually. I had all these dreams of posting thought provoking and interesting questions and arguments, but I "never got around to it." My 'new' blog might end up like my other ones, but I'm hoping it won't go down the same road. I put 'new' in quotes because I've decided to try and go back to my old xanga site, to try and get a fresh start and perhaps leave some of the bad stuff about this blog behind. Expect to see something up there in time. :)

[Edit]: Hmmm...after thinking about it more and talking with Wen and other people, I've decided to remake my Blogger blog and use it as my main one instead. I will, however, probably end up updating both this one and my xanga at the same time, so that people who only usually check one of them will know that I've updated. :P At least now I don't have to use Haloscan anymore.