Sunday, May 23, 2004

Short lil (Long)Update

Hmm...what to say, what to say? Fellowship yesterday was amazing. It was more fun than I thought running around Food Basics and buying stuff for underpriveledged families. Even though we massively underestimated how much all of our stuff would cost and ended up spending about 24 bucks more than we should've, it was all for a good cause. Afterwards, went out to Chat and Tea House again, after a long wait. There was the Noah's Ark skit practice and stuff going on, so we didn't actually get theere until like...late 10 o'clock? Anyways, this time, the Alex brothers came along, after being invited me and Andrew...I think we may have frustrated them by making them wait so long though...whoops.

So I was one of the first ppl there and I ordered a weird flavour of bubble tea - Barley Embryo. I remembered that it tasted good the first time I tried it, and it still did, so I suggest for everyone to try if possible haha. And the bubble tea is really cheap there too, it's only $2.00 for a small. Some ppl played some Double Dash again, and then later I played some Melee with Alex Chan; unfortunately ppl had to leave soon afterwards so we only got in a few games. At first, he was like "I don't want to play smash, I have it at's good, but it got old so fast." So I assumed he was pretty good at the game or something. When we started playing, however, he was like "I think I was good with Link...or wait, maybe Mario," then later on, "Oh, how do you do a smash attack again?" :)
Thus, I attempted to teach him the basics of how to play, and I think I succeeded somewhat, at least he knows how to smash and charge smashes now. He SD'ed like a million times though...heh, but hopefully with practice, he'll get better, and then I'll finally have someone to play against lol. It's pretty fun to teach him, too. Got home at around 1:35 am, and parents were kinda mad at me, 'cause I forgot to call.

Today, I went to Bao's house for my first time co-GMing...and what happened was:
1) Settlers of Catan with me, Duy, and Jason (newbie) For once, I wasn't the first one there haha. The ending was a sweet race to the finish, and everyone knew Jason was going to win, so me and Duy had to risk development cards to try and steal the win from him. In the end, Duy's card wasn't what he needed, but mine netted me a Market for my final victory point and the win. It was really close though; find scores were Alan 10, Jason 9, and Duy 9.

2) d20 with Bao's summer campaign, mission 2. It was kinda confused on the vehicle combat rules at first, but thanks to Wen's cool idea of how to work things, the battle went much more smoother than it probably would've if we just did the traditional way. Thanks sir. In the end, Bao barely had to use any of his chase map, and the group (or rather, Raymond) managed to capture one of the female members of the Mask Gang - Cindy, even though whether she can really provide them with any useful info remains to be seen. The other, non-combat part of the mission was pretty cool as well (You missed out, David, we could've used your diplomacy and etc!) The only twist that me and Bao didn't forsee was the PC's going after Howard Leder and not letting him escape; we didn't expect Duffman (Raymond's char) to chase after him offering him Duff beer and the tasering the driver of the taxi that he was in. :P Anyways, it was getting late, so we decided to end the mission early, and have the music part in mission 3 (which is good, so that David can participate in it too, heh) Ordered more pizza, and at least it wasn't as beastly expensive as last time, even though going out probably might have been more fun. Oh well, it should be interesting going to Ricky's place for the next game...

3)More Settlers, this time there was Wen/David as a tean, Bao, Duy, and Ricky, while I was the banker. (or, as David put it, God lol) I won't bother going into the details of this game, and Bao has pics and stuff of it anyways, but suffice it to say that Bao came back from what I thought was the worst starting position out of everyone, and managed to from where ppl and win the game. He wanted to make things more interesting, though, so he revealed his hand, and just like with Jason in the previous game, everyone conspired to keep him from winning, by stealing his longest road. In the end, Duy managed to get "second" place. Unfortunately for Wen/David and me...our machine gun brick king strategy didn't really work out lol.

This quote, which I really liked, was said about halfway into the game:

Wen/David had been at odds with Ricky starting from the beginning of the game, with both of them racing to build in the same area and using the robber to ninja each other. So, after they had both even the score and had a kind of truce going, Ricky rolls a 7 a suddenly plops the robber down on one of Wen/David's hexes (either 6 brick or 10 wood, can't remember). In response to this: (as best as I can remember)

David: What was that? I thought we were even, that was like an unprovoked attack. are so going down Ricky!
Wen: Yeah, come on, we weren't attacking you anymore. Why are you going after us again?
David: Unless he's being like Bush, who thnks that it's better to attack them so that can't attack us in the first place. (referring to the recent Iraq war)

I dunno why, but I found that quote really funny. Of course, I'm mostly paraphrasing what they both said tonight, but it was kind of a "from where?!" moment. I wasn't expecting anyone to be able to link a game of Settlers to President Bush's foreign policy lol. Even though a lot of the things that Bush has done/said are pretty funny... :)

4)My VCD does work...kidna...yay!