Saturday, September 04, 2004

Getting Ninjaed by Chinese superstitions -> Magic Cards in 3D

So, today I was supposed to be going to a wedding all day, but due to a last minute change of plans, my family's only going to the reception, so currently I'm wasting time being on the computer, waiting for my mom to come home so that I can eat lunch.

Anyways, this weekend is the 2004 Magic World Championships, and so I decided to browse around the online coverage on the Wizards site to see if there was anything interesting. There weren't any special or unique types of decks this year, as everyone seemed to be playing the same typical internet decks. The tournament's almost finished, seeing as how this is Day 4 and they're already at the quaterfinals; but Saturday is the team event day, so we'll have to wait until Sunday to see who actually wins the title of World Champion for 2004. The cool thing is that there are TWO Canadians in the top 8! Canada hasn't been doing well in competitive Magic for a long time, and I don't think a Canadian has ever won the World Championships, so it'd be pretty cool if a Canadian won this year. :D It's always been either a European or an American every year before this.

Besides the actual tournament coverage in San Francisco, however, they also have several pretty cool side events going on. One of them is in the link below, and leads into the title for this blog entry.

3D Magic

Perhaps one day we should try that out with some of our cards, heh. I think maybe Barbed Lightning or Pristine Angel would look awesome done like that...too bad most of the cards I'd want to see are rare. :(

Thursday, September 02, 2004

A Couple of Random Things

So it's September that means school is starting soon. Ahhh!! In some ways, it's a really good thing, in other ways, it's not so good. From the looks of my schedule and stuff, and it seems like I should be having a pretty good year, so for the most part I'm happy. :)

Now, a couple of things I found while browsing the web. First of all is a tidbit from Pojo's Yugioh site. They have a section called "CCG Tips" where ppl can submit their own tips on the game, and then see them published on Pojo's website. (Most of them are really crappy ones done by little kids.) So I was looking at a few random ones, trying to find if any of them were actually good, when I found this one, under the name "How to right good TCG tips":

It's pretty ironic that the guy was ranting about ppl making a lot of mistakes in their tips, that he doesn't even bother to check his own heh.

Secondly, for anyone out there who know how to play Magic, I was eagerly awaiting the Champions of Kamigawa preview card that was shown this Wednesday, and let me say that it was AMAZING. I almost said, "Holy S---" aloud when I saw it. And I thought Mindslaver was crazy and uniqure, but this card takes the cake. Magic needs more cards like this one:

:D Now there's a spell that can "counter" those spells that can't be countered, haha. There's so much new stuff being crammed into Champions, looks like we're in for another amazing set. Makes me want to participate in the CHK draft that the Sci-Fi club at UW will probably be holding.

Anyways, I have to get back to unpacking and other chores if I want to be able to do stuff later today. So it's time for this entry to end. Player four defeated!