Thursday, April 01, 2004

Wow... (read post below first)
(this is Bao, if you're too lazy to read the post below - it's better if you read that first)

Anyway, Duy just got home, and I thought it was both Alan and Duy, but it was just Alan. Apparently Alan went shopping in the plaza... So he'll be back, and he'll tell you all about his plaza visit, in... the future... or maybe... not... at all. So he'll be back in 3 minutes, so I gotta log off for real this time. So read the post below first, and then read this one.

... hahaha. So see ya later vickees (sis)! and Auntie (diana, the one with the cool e-mail address). He's coming! Jason sees him from the lookout window!


eta 3 seconds
Alright... it's 3:50, and Alan should be back from his AL class any minute now... oh yeah, this keyboard does feel kinda funny. AHH! I keep hitting... some key instead of some other key...yeah, \ instead of backspace.

Anyway, maybe from the chatterbox on the left, from Wen's message, maybe you can deduct that this is Bao. My animation class was shortened today, so I'm home early now. So Alan hasn't updated for over a week, so he requires updating so all of us, the viewers of his blog, can finally read something again. Of course, it's been over a week, and I'm not Alan, and he's going to be home any minute now so I can't write much. And I don't remember much. Read my blog ;) And comment! I've probably written about a lot of events that Alan might've written about, which might add to the reason he's not blogging about it if it's in my journal, but I'm sure Alan has a lot of stuff to write about, like... not daily events and stuff.

So... first of all...

hi vickees! Miss ya sis! Miss ya auntie! Bao's having a party eventually so you all should come to that! ;) Jeffoo, can we borrow more games? John, how's them Yugioh cards?

... so I tried. Anyway... CSI is fun. It's 3:55, Alan should be back really soon. Ooh, wen's messaging about something, lemme check it. Hmm... if Alan was here, maybe he'd know the answer, but unfortunately I don't recall much about Java. Sorry Wen ^_^

What else is new? Lots of stuff is new. This is actually much harder than I thought it would be... well, not really, but the keyboard's annoying me, and I don't really feel like typing too much.

But... thingieing. Fine, I accept your challenge. Hello sir. It is Bao. I don't say thingieing a lot anymore... and I gotta work on my communication and impatientness. Anyway, as I commented on Bao's blog, the wavebird controller works pretty well. Duy doesn't like it though, and Bao finds no problems with it. I think Bao has gotten used to it too. It's nice and light too, surprisingly, compared to wireless mice which are really heavy (at least for the wrist). I still have ASPARAGUS post-it on my computer, and Bao still doesn't know what it means, but it's an Auntie thing so it must be good.

AHH... where do we change post title? Oh well. That's okay. It's probably not too important. 3:59, he's still not home. I'm not sure what else to write, without sounding like I'm rambling, or just making stuff up... but, now you see, viewers of the blog, this is what happens when you don't update enough. That's right, Bao sneaks into your room and posts in your Blog, if you have the passwords and everything logged in already. Otherwise, Bao is harmless ^_^

Anyway, Jason just got here, with some Campus pizza. He's having Haiwaiian and Vegetarian Pizza.

Today was the last class of Arthurian Legends. The course was fun. We got 95% on our project. The teacher was very impressed, and said "that we must've put a lot of effort into it." LOL.