Saturday, February 14, 2004

Hmmm...I should be studying right now, but I'm taking a short break to read a bit of the d20 Modern Rules Book, and I'm learning a lot of interesting stuff hehe. Hopefully I'll be able to remember and learn more stuff so next time our games can go faster and not have to end late again like yesterday (will post about highlights of that later).

and eww...I just discovered that Treat Injury is a class skill for the Dedicated Hero (me) and being a Doctor can also give me Treat Injury as a permanent class skill. I still need to choose one more class skill from the doctor set, but since I already have Treat Injury from being a Dedicated Hero, I can take that skill again for being a doctor and get +1 to all checks with it instead. Cool...doing a medical miracle keeps looking more and more plausible haha. So good...

Friday, February 13, 2004

Arts, Asians, and Adventures

just got to say a few things before I forget...

PMATH assignment = tanked (due to procrastination), and also missed both classes today in favour of 'studying' for Econ...which went really well, surpirsingly. I went to the exam room and just like last time, it was already jam packed even though it wasn't even time for it to start yet. So since I'm "late" I get handed an exam and a scantron card by this TA standing at the door. So I sit down, and I look around and see that most other ppl dun even have their exams yet....what the? Then when it's time to start, the teacher comes around with a stack of exams and starts passing them down each row, but of course since some ppl already had exams and some didn't...that was like a really inefficient way of doing it. Arts profs always have all these little policies and stuff that are annoying...but meh, maybe I'll talk about them later.

The exam was 20 multi choice questions, and we had 45 mins to do them. It was supposed to be harder than the first one, according to the prof...but I didn't really think so. Once again, some guy left like after 5 minutes, and I know that I had put just a bit more effort into studying, then I could've owned it. I ended up guessing on some stuff, but after the exam I checked my answers from the text book (since all the questions are basically taken straight from there anyways) and found out that I got most of those guesses right, so yay!

while walking back home, I saw a bunch of Asian ppl jay walk across the street in front of my house (Philip) and then force a bunch of cars to really slow down 'cause they were afraid of hitting them. But those ppl were walking like they owned the road, not even paying attention to the cars. Reminded me of something that happened yesterday after class: at the same intersection, me and Duy were waiting with this fob couple, who were both smoking and talking loudly in Cantonese. I was in front, so I saw a gap in the traffic coming up and dashed across the street with ample time to spare, while Duy didn't feel like risking it. The two fobs, however, started WALKING across right after me...and so as I get to the other side, I suddenly hear all this loud honking behind I turn around and there are these two people strolling leisurely across the street, totally engaged in their convo and oblivious to everything else, even the cars that had to stop only a couple feet away from them.
Dang I was talking with Jason later on last night, it's ppl like that that give 'fobs' and even other Asian ppl such a bad image, especially over here in UW. Especially ones that talk all through class in Chinese and make fun of ppl and the profs behind their backs, have cellphones with annoying ring tunes that always happen to ring in class, don't even try to learn any English, and generally don't show any respect to others. Blah...I know most fobs aren't like that, but I hate it when ppl treat me badly 'cause they think I am one of them, just because I look Chinese.

Thus ends my one and half rants of the day. No CCF tonight...'cause of winter retreat =( But that's ok, 'cause then I can make to our second DND session tonight without feeling guilty...hehe. And hopefully this time, Dr. Newheart won't die in one hit.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

VSA Pho night and the aftermath

So last night, went out with Bao to Vinh Tin, this Vietnamese restaurant near my house in UW, to eat Pho with some VSA ppl . It was supposed to be just a chill/hang out night. Duy had a class, so he couldn't go, and I didn't really want to go at first, but in the end I decided to join in and at least try to get to know some new ppl. I kinda succeeded a bit; besides the usual VSA ppl there like Jeff and Vu, I met Rommel, this Fillipino (I think) person who is a part of the CASA committee, but wanted to become part of the VSA to learn about Vietnamese culture, (His love for Vietnamese culture started long ago when he was young and liked some Viet and also Toan, the guy who's organizing the poker tournament on the 28th (in which the first place prize is a engraved bracelet and....a PS2!!!) He apparently knows his way with card games really well, and ppl were teasing him about how he got the whole club into gambling now...haha

I ate some of that vermicelli stuff with meat and no soup and spicy fish sauce, t'was good, but they gave such small servings...the places in Mississauga were way better. I also learned how to play Texas hold'em poker, which is the version that they're playing in the tournament, so now when I go, at least I won't be a total noob =) (I'll probably be able to redeem myself at the Darksteel Sealed Tournament the next day though...hopefully) All in all, it was a good night, except for the fact that when I got back, I found some ppl had been trying to talk to me on MSN, thinking I was still there...whoops =( Oh...and just to clear things up for the last time: I don't have anything against the VSA or the ppl there...I just usually have a hard time adjusting and meeting new sometimes I dun feel like going to events...but yeah, I already wrote a long explanation as a comment on Bao's blog...

Nothing else happened after that that's worth talking about...just some studying for econ and etc.

On with today...STAT 231 was pretty interesting's like the best class I have this term, and this time, Duy actually woke up for it..hehe. We got our first tests back today....the ones that we though we owned...and apparently we didn't. I got only 74%, and Duy got...not so good haha. But at least we learned what we did wrong; it was kinda stupid actually, the last few tests from the past terms all had similar questions. The first question was always "what is a unit?" and the answer was always "A person." So in this test, it looked like that answer would still work, so I used it...but it turned out to be only half right...argh

I started praying for my friend's midterms and stuff during Arthurian Legend and kinda started falling asleep lol...I think I might've taken maybe 5 lines of real notes over an hour and twenty, that class feels so useless

Oh! one more thing I should mention before I go back to econ studying and attempting PMATH, Bao wanted us to eat out we invited Wen and Jason to come along. So Wen walks over after his exam, and when he gets here, he's mad that it's been like 20 mins and we still haven't decided where to go yet. Then Wen suggests that we put our d20 system to good we roll my twenty-sided die. Lemme explain first...a while ago, we were being really indecisive about where to eat for dinner, so Wen was annoyed and he came up with this idea to roll a die and just let it decide. Bao makes up this list of 20 places where we could eat, and assigns each one a number, and then we just roll the die and go to the corresponding restaurant thingy =) Well...the first roll landed on 17, which was home - that failed. Luckily, the next roll was a 2, which meant that we were off to eat Indian food at Taj Palace...afterwards, Bao dragged Jason over and forced him to play an hour of Smash with us, and...yeah, I'll talk abou that some other time...I think I've done enough ranting about my day.

Hmm...I hope the majority of my posts aren't going to be mindless like this one....right now the stuff in my blog is sort of like Bao's...but in a good way haha, just retelling what happens to me each day...meh, when I'm done my midterm and stuff, I'll have time to find something more involved to post about. Time to get, ttyl!

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

ewww...what's with my router and misbehaving these days? =( I've been signed out of MSN/the internet so many times in the last few days than I can even remember, whereas before it would only screw up maybe once or twice every day at most. Now it likes to disconnect us at random times, and sometimes reconnect right away, while at other times taking hours. Wen thinks we need to upgrade the firmware, but Duy said that he already did a long time sucks when you're typing up a long blog or somethign and go to post it, only your internet connection ninjas you (screws you over) and you lose it all. Anyways, enough ranting, maybe I need to go have a little talk with it again...haha
Alright, so I've finally started to use this blog haha...I have no real idea how I want this thing to be like...but oh well, I'll just write what I feel like and see what happens. I'll write some introduction stuff or whatnot later maybe.

Today, walking in and out of my house wasn't such a pain anymore, 'cause yesterday I spent about two hours shovelling and de-icing the huge piles of snow and ice that had buried our stairs. So now we don't have to worry about being fined, or not getting mail, or one of us slipping and hurting ourselves haha. (which has already happened on more than one occasion =\) Hopefully the small amount of snow that fell today won't freeze up so easily and force me to do it again...had enough shovelling for one winter lol

My roomate Duy didn't wake up in time to go to Stats class this morning...I think he's been to like...1/3 of the classes in 3 weeks, which kinda sucks 'cause that means I have no one to sit with most of the time, but at least we haven't missed any more labs =p Oh well....-1% is tankable, right? And I think we both did really good on the test that we had last thurs, so that should help make up for it. Arthurian Legend was boring and sleep inducing as usual...we really gotta start working on our project should be fun, making a Magic expansion based on the stuff found in the King Arthur Tales. And it's worth 50% of our final mark =)

After school, played a bit of original smash bros, since Duy and Bao decided to kick it up again on Sunday for some reason, and then us 3 and Wen and Jason went out to eat cheap wings again at Molly Bloom's pub across the street. Bao's friend Amish was supposed to come, but apparently he went back to Mississauga after his interview. We had 60 wings...10 more than last time I think...and we also tried some suicide for the first time...I don't think anyone else found them spicy except for me...d'oh. It's all good though...even though Jason got forced into buying a drink in order to be able to buy the wings at a discount. We tried playing a game of tangent during dinner (finally...hadn't played that game for so long....) but due to eating, and various ppl leaving/not paying attention at various intervals, we didn't get very far, and we abandoned the idea of trying to trace it back very quickly.

Later, Wen and Jason came over, and they both watched eps 2 and 3 of Gunslinger Girl, a pretty good anime. Wen fell in love with was already his current obsession. I was goign to go watch with them, but I was helping some friends out with some stuff...heh, no big deal, I could always watch them on Bao's comp anytime. Everytime they come over, we always have so much fun...wish they could come over more often...

wish I could be bolder and not so introverted and thus tend to assume stuff too much...

Moral of the day: must learn to communicate better.

That's enough for now, I'll try and write about more "deep" stuff's too late at the moment heh...time to fun gaul.