Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Heat Stroke

My esteemed roomate said something to me yesterday which prompted an interesting thought. Since a lot of houses in the Waterloo area don't have AC, and it sometimes gets too hot to want to study, I was thinking that perhaps this might lead to a greater percentage of people failing/doing badly in the summer? :P I dunno, it's probably mostly untrue, but after going through this beastingly hot week and wasting so much looking for places to study that aren't hot, I can kinda see why some people would be less inclined to study in the summer.

For me, this being my first summer term, I've been missing all the fun summer stuff I used to be able to do. Things such as camping, softball, and volunteering at Day Camp, and to a lesser extent, massive gaming. But yeah, I guess being in school this term was still worth it...after all, most of the people I know in UW are on campus this term too. :)

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Mouth of Ronom

This blog post is related to my title, but probably not in the way that you might guess. It's not really a 100% fit, but perhaps you'll still see it...

So in the Coldsnap draft we had over here, I ended up with an okay deck. I opened a first pick Stalking Yeti and then got a second pick Zombie Musher, so I was playing B/R again. :P This time, my deck ended up with a lot of stronger creatures, like said yeti and Rimescale Dragon, but didn't see a single Skred or Surging Flame. I had two Chill to the Bones and a Deathmark to make up for it, but that removal wasn't good enough. Thus, I guess my first draft deck would be more consistently better. It was blast playing with Jian, Kevin, and Kenny for the whole day though, so I can't really complain. Now we can all start calling our Ronom Unicorns "Starshine".

Anyways, after I met with a different group of Mormons this morning, me and Jason almost bumped into another group of them while walking towards Duy's house in the afternoon. Luckily, they didn't aggro us, and we took a detour into the plaza. It seems that the Mormon presence around campus has been growing recently. I dunno, but I'm starting to find it kinda annoying, since they always have to stop you and get you to talk with them, and they can't seem to take "no" as an answer. It's worse if, say, you're on your way to meet a friend for dinner, and you really don't have time for that kind of talk. On the other hand, I would feel bad if I just completely ignored them or lied to them by saying something like "I'm Jewish," so I usually let them say the beginning of their speech first before politely declining their invitation to hear more. I wouldn't mind talking to them when I have the time, but I usually don't really enjoy being stopped by a total stranger when I have some place to go. And it's not like I'm being ignorant of what they're trying to say either, I've done a bit of research about them on the net, and I've met with some Mormon missionaries twice now at Betty's place. I just hope that this recent trend isn't a sign of more things to come. I wonder if there's any easy way to get them to understand that you're not interested at the moment?

(Note: This post was not really meant to be a slight against the Mormon faith, just merely the tactics Mormons use in attempts to try and spread their beliefs. Please don't flame me for this. And yes, I know some Christians do the same kind of things. :P)