Saturday, January 22, 2005

Oh no, it's like, mmm...damn.

So I haven't blogged in a long time. But now am I blogging again, at the request of Bao. Anyways, there's not much I have to say at the moment. School this term seems harder than last term, even though I'm still taking a lot of courses with ppl that I know. WoW is progressing slowly at the moment. Jason and Ray are already level 60, while me and Duy are stuck catching up. Currently, I'm 54 while Duy is still 51. We joined a new guild yesterday under Ray's advice; hopefully it works out. It's supposed a cooler "raiding" guild than the more casual guild we were in before.

It's finally starting to get cold around Waterloo, so that sucks. I wonder if we'll end up having another snow day one of these days. Yesterday, I heard that the math and eng reading week has been renamed to "reading moment" over here. How fitting lol. I should be coming back home this weekend...'cause Bao needs to get his projector from home for his anime-a-thon. I could stay here I guess....'cause it's kinda annoying to have to go home for no reason...but then oh well, if I don't go home this weekend, probably can't go back next weekend yeah.