Monday, April 19, 2004

A random upate about signs

Supposed to be studying for Arthurian Legends right now, but since I haven't updated in a while, I guess I'll post something short up. I'll review Lost in Translation later..heh.

Today, after dinner, the Nguyen-huu's and I went with Wen to Home Hardware, 'cause he had to pick up some liquid Dranol to unclog this drain at his place that kept getting stuck. So while we were there, we saw three "interesting" signs:

Sign #1: Please Use The Other Door

This sign was wriiten with black font on an orange piece of paper taped to the left glass door in the main entrace of the store. Wen was leading the group, and unfortunately, he didn't seem to notice the sign, and decided to try and get in by pushing on the door with the sign. It was like "umm...I don't think that door will work..." It was fairly humourours, (no offense of course), and it also lends evidence to the theory that Wen was kinda out of it today; when we were leaving Wendy's, one of his classmates was in line, and kept calling to him while he was dumping out his garbage, but he couldn't hear him until like the third or fourth attempt, when we called his attention to the guy calling him. Later on in the car, Wen commented on how that was kinda weird, 'cause he usually notices when ppl call his name.

Sign #2: Assorted Bath Bombs

This sign was found over a tub of many ball-shaped objects that appeared to be made out of soap or something like that. They were of many different shades of mainly cool colours, such as blue and purple. They were pretty curious wares, since none of us had heard of them before. What we think you do with them is throw them into a bathtub full of water to get bubbles...but why they're named "bath bombs" is a good question...

Sign #3: Start Any Season

This phrase was found on an advertisement for some lawn/garden care products. It caught my interest for a couple reasons. First of all, it can be interpreted in more than one way. Does it mean that you can start doing this activity in any season? Or does it mean that you can start any season at will, as if you had an Allied Weather Control Device in your backyard? (Hmm...I have an exam tomorrow, I think I'll make it snow massively so it'll be a snow day :) ) Also, next to the words, there was a diagram showing the cycle of seasons, and how you can start caring for your lawn during each one. (ie: early summer, late summer, early fall...etc.) The funny thing is, they totally skipped winter completely in the diagram. So that means one of two things: either they made a big mistake and forgot to add in the winter stuff, or they're performing false advertising, since you can't really start in any season. =p

Yeah...pretty weird stuff, but I'm not that in the mood to study for AL right now...heh. But I guess I'll get to it soon after this post, with Duy, who's right now playing FF 11 lol. Shows how much we really care about this course. And oh yeah, here's a kinda new phrase that I'm going to start using:

Entwine - verb: used to describe choosing both/all options in a situation where more than one choice is available.
Ex: Should I have grapenut or chocolate ice cream? Or should I entwine them and have both?!