Thursday, March 04, 2004

Arthurian Legend Midterm: went ok. There was a good Culhwch and Olwen question, but the Tristan questions weren't that good, the one I did had to deal with courtly love...didn't really study much of that...

:: accountability check = passed! hehe ::

awww...I wish I'd have thought of saying that...

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Whoa!...Arthurian Legend midterm tomolo at 2:30...gotta read more about 2 of the major stories so that I'll at least know enough to be able to write the exam haha. Which I should've been doing much of yesterday...oh well. I think I'll be reading more about Tristan and Isolde, and also Culhwch and Olwen...heh, if anyone knows where I could find good information about Arthurian stuff, I'd be most grateful if you could tell me...though I doubt anyone does. =/

Scrapped Princess is a cool anime.

Mars apparently used to have a lot of water.

Monday, March 01, 2004

ahhh...what an amazing weekend...kinda hehe

Tournament Results:

VSA Poker Tournament: I was the 14th person to be knocked out - last person before the second round began =(. I was playing super conservatively until one game when I decided to go all in. Oh wells, I didn't really expect to win anyways. For more details on the event, and lessons on the perils of going all in, you can visit Bao's blog.

UW SciFi Club's Darksteel Sealed Tournament: On the otherhand, I thought I had an ok chance of actually winning something here - in the end, I only managed to win comments from ppl telling me that I did good considering it was my first sealed deck tourney ever, and also first time playing with Mirrodin block. I had 3 match wins, and 2 losses...I could've easily been 4 and 1, but I kept forgettting to do stuff during one game, against this Chinese guy name Nick Cheng. And I might have possibly been able to win my first round if I had shuffled better and not been mana screwed...there were so many tie-breakers needed at the end of the day that the tournament organizer had to check the opponent's win percentage for each player to decide who gets the prize. I'm not really complaining much though, it was still a really fun day, and I hope to be back next time, which I'm guessing might be a Control-Control-Control sealed event =)

well...that's all I'm going to write for now, I'm pretty sure a lot of the ppl who read this don't understand Magic, and I wouldn't want to bore everyone by explaining how to play poker here. The reason I'm updating at this hour is because I couldn't really sleep and woke up at like 5:45 am. =/

:: accountability check [Saturday] = passed [Sunday] = started to slip somewhat, I guess maybe 'cause of such a busy weekend and not having time to do much else...hopefully will be back on track today. ::