Tuesday, June 29, 2004

To my friends Bao and Anson...haha

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Anyways, here I am updating again, finally heh. Since I'm doing this almost right after reading Bao's latest update, some of this post might be influnenced by his. (like the currently listening to thinger above)

Today was the first day in a while on which I've had absolutely nothing planned, and so I used it to catch up on house cleaning duties, doing the laundry and stuff, thereby making my washing machine malfunction for a while. It washed my clothes, but then didn't drain the water, so my clothes ended up being soaked in water for a couple more hours than needed...oh well, Mom came down later and solved the problem.

In between the laundry and Mom coming home, David called, and we talked for a couple of hours. We talked mostly about how we've both not really been doing much on our job hunt, and how we should've gotten a job long ago. He was going to try to go visit some places today,but he was sick, so I told him some things that he could do to try make up for that problem as much as he could, like taking Fisherman's Friends. Now for me, the reason I haven't been job hunting that much is half due to laziness, and partially due to getting discouraged and other stuff. But now that I've started volunteering at MCBC, I wouldn't mind continuing to do that for the rest of the summer heh. I would rather volunteer there than make minimum wage at McDonald's. Sure, I wouldn't be getting any different job experience, and wouldn't be making any money, but at least doing mundane secretarial work there is more presentable on my resume. Nevertheless, I probably will still make an attempt at getting a job for the last two weeks of summer - David wants to meet with me on Thurs to borrow interview clothes and perhaps go to some employment places together. But then I have the bbq at Jeff's house to go to in the morning, and it seems everyone wants to plan something for Canada Day, so I dunno if I'll be able to go with him or not. I dunno...I wouldn't mind not having a job this summer, it's my parents that are always on my case bugging me about it...

I woke up at 10 am today, which is a rarity for me recently. So I did a few chores in the morning, and then was going to talk about future plans with someone and start typing out stuff, but was ninjaed by my comp screwing up. So I had to reboot it a couple times, and eventually got fed up with it and went to go do something else. Read a few more letters out of C.S. Lewis' "The Screwtape Letters" which Pastor Sharon gave me as a thank-you for volunteering. It's a pretty interesting read, serious at some points, and humourous in others. Now I know what the Moks and other ppl are talking about when they mention this book. This is a book that pretty much any Christian should read.

Even though I woke up earlier today, I felt really tired by the time I finished dinner, and thus I went upstairs to sleep for a bit at around 7. Therefore, I didn't get to vote like I planned, and I woke up finally after a few attempts at around 10:15, a bit late for CS:Miami. Oh well, Bao taped the episode if I really want to see it again, and the Liberal candidate owned in my riding, so my vote wouldn't really have mattered anyways. (I was going to vote Liberal like my parents were, if I was going to vote at all.)

Bao recently posted up a summer weekend schedule on his blog, and he has a really busy two months coming up. And now that I finally thought about it, with all the stuff that I've started doing recently, I'm going to have a very busy second half of summer too. Now that my small group meeting date is set on Sat, I'll have to leave early every time we have a d20 game probably, and any other events that are held on Sats as well. I probably could tank one meeting sometime, but then when we first started, we weren't really sure what date it was going to be on, and we all made a commitment to attend as many meetings as we could...so yeah, going to be hard for me to do stuff on Saturdays now, espeically since my softball is a Saturday team once again. (which means that most of our games are going to be on Sats)

Dang...so much stuff to do, so many scheduling conflicts lol. I was hoping to finish something that I've been putting off for a few days now today, but then I got ninjaed by being tired and partially sidetracked by the phone. And tomorrow is another day of volunteering, which has to start even earlier since I wasn't early enough in calling Paula and asking for a ride. Meh, at least that means I can probably get a good breakfast tomorrow with Yurger. Then maybe at night on Tues, I can finally get more of that stuff done, and maybe do what I told Bao that I might do, although this one is pretty long already I think. ;)

So there was my day. Sorry if it's boring and etc, but I couldn't really think of much other topics to write at this hour heh.