Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Good times today...getting to rediscover Sunshine Express with Alex, and then hanging out with Ambrose and Wen afterwards, and discussing Magic stuff. Espeically being able to go through the most recent [i]The Play's the Thing[/i] article (on magicthegathering.com on Wednesdays) with Wen, and then have be interested enough to want to do another one. I'm kinda surprised that he actually liked them, heh. I'm looking forward to being able to discuss these kinds of things with more people.

Anyways, at first I was planning to continue my trend of using Ravnica rares for Cards of the Day, in order to send the message home to you guys that I really like Ravnica, and that I think it's a very good set - possibly the best set of all time even. But i think if you've talked to me at all recently, you'll have already gotten the message, haha. So today, I take a break from Ravnica to bring you another card with yet another double meaning embedded within. (sort of) What do you think?

(If the pic doesn't work, the card can be found at http://www.wizards.com/global/images/magic/ravnica/puppets_verdict.jpg)

Now, must sleep so that I'll be ready for quiz tomorrow, and be able to study later for midterms...........

Sunday, October 16, 2005

A whoops on a cold morning

CFC this morning was great. I really was kinda amazed...haha.

I forgot to add one more thing to my post yesterday. For those of you who like looking at pretty pictures and think that text spoilers are plain, or are just too lazy to click on the image links, may I present this for your viewing pleasure:


It's a full colour image spoiler of Ravnica! So yeah...why bother getting the fat pack when you can view this online for free! (haha...j/k, fat packs are usually a really good deal...it has a lot more stuff than just the spoiler)

Anyways, time to do some beast studying...I'll update again sometime that's not soon.

Oh, right I was going try and make this Card of the Day thing and keep it up for a while. Well, okay, sure. For those of you that didn't notice, the flavour text on yesterday's card, Razia's Purification, has a double meaning. One to do with the flavour of the card, how it draws to mind images of Razia leading her Boros Legion and annhiliating all that stand in their way, and only sparing the 'chosen' people who are the followers and friends of the Boros. The other meaning has to do with the mechanic, 'cause only the chosen permanents will be spared. :P

With that being said, can you spot the double meaning in this specialized sorcery?