Saturday, September 11, 2004

R66Y...that is my name

So just yesterday, Bao posted an OC Remix version of Robo's theme on his blog. Now, I really liked the few OC Remix songs that I've heard so far, so I had to dl this one to see what it was like. And I loved it! It was a bit weird at first, but then after I listened to the whole thing a few times, I actually found it pretty funny. Though sometimes the lyrics are hard to make out, I think I got most of them (after turning up the volume up on my speakers, heh.) So I guess I'll post them up here just for the heck of it. And for all of you who have played Chrono Trigger, I highly recommend this track - it's upbeat, unique and funny. :) (Though you'll only really understand it if you've played the game.)

Chrono Trigger The Incredible Singing Robot OC ReMix

Though I am made
of titanium,
I still feel human like you.

Covered in tin
and six of her twins,
I left them and came with you.

I might not be blue
like my brothers, I know,
but my gears will last forever.
I am happy to be,
in your party, aren't you?

Robots can be,
for evil or good.
Please don't reprogram me.

My memories and thoughts
are all I have left.
Am I malfunctioning?

In twenty-three hundred AD,
I was left here to study the humans.
Then you came along,and I played this song, for you.

R66Y, that is my name,
but you can call me anything.
Just leave me here,
I'll tend to this place.
I'm good at gardening.

So Fiona and me,
we planted the trees,
and you went into the future.
Just look and see
this forest I made for you!

*** *** *** *** ***

Though I am made
of titanium,
I still feel human like you.

Won't you pick me
instead of that frog?
I can do healing too.


And yeah...I'm finally back in Waterloo now. Subletters made a big mess of the place and moved some stuff around, but then they also left us some free stuff lol. The only bad thing is that though our internet works now with the new modem, we can't seem to find where our router from last year went. We think that we might have left it here in the house, but it's not here, and if the girls took, I highly doubt it would've been by "accident". Maybe I'll just buy a router...and then when I get home, I can network my two new comp to make transferring stuff easier. But that would involve getting a ride to Futureshop probably one day....hmmm...

[edit] YAY! All our internet problems have been solved! Using long network cables, we connected everyone directly to the router, and don't have to use the hub, which was probably ninjaing us in the first place. We also got a different router from Duy's house, and it seems to be working pretty well. So maybe this year, we'll actually have decent internet lol! [/edit]

Monday, September 06, 2004


The 2004 Magic World Championship Results

Canada was sooo close! Argh, we got Silver! Oh well, at least it's better than nothing. Next year perhaps. Canada is finally coming back into the competitive Magic scene after a long absence. Now, if only the Blue Jays would get better... :P

The crazy thing is, the World Champion this year was some 15 year old Dutch kid. That means that he'd be about in gr.10...whoa, when I was that age, I was still pretty clueless about deckbuilding, playing a super huge red/white "control" deck. Oh man, and this guy's the WORLD champion and now is $52,366 richer. I wonder what he'll do with all that money...

In other news, moving back to Waterloo on Friday. So I'll be missing fellowship and such. I think Bao is moving back on the Saturday, so I'll be the only there for a day. Hope the internet works...and we still have to go in one day beforehand to get the keys back too...sigh.