Thursday, May 10, 2007


This has been a kinda busy week. And it's only half over. :P Hmmm...I wonder if anyone wants to play softball.


Silph said...

oh shoot, I was supposed to phone you today, wasn't I?? (i just woke up a little more than two hours ago, and now i'm running off to work!).

i hadn't done any thinking about softball... ; i'm leaning towards no, though, if i had to give an answer. some resting time, with aikido.. and job time -- i might be on call for sundays.. .

Bao said...

softball, eh? hmm... that sounds interesting. Me and Jia, Duy and Bao, and... umm... Isaque, kinda, we've been playing tennis today and yesterday. It's our new thing, although it was supposed to be badminton but tennis is more available.

Theomnifish said...

Dude, how come you never invited me over for tennis? :P Haha...but yeah, next time you guys go to play tennis, I would like to come. I need the exercise, with being overweight and all. :P