Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Well's official now I guess. Since I've decided to basically quit Magic after 10th edition and before Lorwyn block, I guess I should begin to gradually do less and less Magic related stuff. I'll start with reading less Magic on the web, and only really reading the main site on Mondays, Tuesday, and Fridays. Those are where the most interesting articles for me are, anyways. I think I also can stop using my "theme" for blog post titles now, since it'll probably be annoying if I try to keep it up. :P

Been playing Magic mostly for almost 12 years now. It's still fun, but a change probably is in order. Too bad it's only know that the really good sets are coming out. :P

In other news, the search for a full-time job has stalled. I am, however, enjoying my part-time Top Class tutoring job and other volunteering stuff from church and etc.


Bao said...

why has the search for a fulltime job stalled?

And it's too bad we're quitting magic, but I guess that's okay. We'll probably keep in touch with Magic in some way or another, for at least a little while.

silph said...

only three times a week, eh? ;-)

transcendent said...

I find it interesting that you chose the card "Liberate" to label your post about quitting Magic.

Theomnifish said...

Yup, that is an interesting choice of card indeed. I guess you can interpret it however you want. But, it was true that I was addicted to Magic for a long time.